MP denies deflowering Zvishavane woman

MBERENGWA North MP Tafanana Zhou (Zanu PF) has denied deflowering a woman who has taken him to court demanding $30 000 compensation for dumping her after promising to marry her.

In his opposing affidavit submitted before the Bulawayo High Court, Zhou claimed Henrietta Tafadzwa Chauke was actually deflowered by a man called Simon Magidivana, whom she also dragged before the Zvishavane Magistrates’ Courts and the case is pending.

Zhou alleged Chauke was only bent on tarnishing his image as an MP.

“Put differently in order to succeed with this claim plaintiff must allege and prove that on occasion of the sexual intercourse she was a virgin,” Zhou’s affidavit read.

“For ease of reference, I beg leave to attach hereto a copy of the summons and particulars of claim under case number 999/14 where it is my averment that clearly respondent was deflowered by Simon Magidivana, or at the very least, she ceased to be a virgin either in 2014 or prior to that, and the matter is still pending at the Zvishavane Magistrates’ Court.

“I am a Member of Parliament and I am inclined to believe that it is my opponents who have hatched this plan to bring my name into disrepute. I aver that there are no triable issues in this matter as it is my opponents who have hatched this plan to bring my name into disrepute. It is clear that as per respondent’s allegations, she lost her virginity in 2014.”

In the 2014 summons, Chauke took Magidivana to Zvishavane Magistrates’ Court claiming $10 000 seduction damages.

“You are summoned that you do within seven days of this summons upon you, enter or cause to be entered with me: and also the plaintiff at the address specified herein an appearance to answer to the claim of Henrietta Tafadzwa Chauke the plaintiff herein for $10 000 being damages for seduction, with interest at 5% per annum a tempore morae (for the time being) and costs …,” read the summons from Zvishavane Magistrates’ Courts to Magidivana.

In her claim, Chauke had said during the period between August and October 2014, she fell in love with Magidivana, of Mandava in Zvishavane, and she was a virgin at that time and they engaged in consensual sexual intercourse and she lost her virginity. She said she had sexual intercourse with him on four occasions believing that he would marry her, but he later reneged on that position.

Zhou said Chauke had introduced herself through WhatsApp messages and sent photographs of herself to him.

He further alleged that in 2010, Chauke was at Chegato High School where she was also expelled after she was found with a boy at the girls’ hostels.

“I, therefore, submit that respondent cannot prove at all that she is known to me and that I had sexual intercourse with her,” Zhou’s responding affidavit read.

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