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MP Plans to Boost Cultural Tourism

The Member of Parliament for Guruve South Cde Patrick Dutiro has said he plans to ensure that the constituency regains its status as the cultural centre of Mashonaland Central through the revival of Tengenenge, Matusadona and Namanechi Game Park known for unique Bushman paintings across Africa.

Cde Dutiro said Bushman paintings at Tengenenge and Namanechi comprised more of animal paintings, making them unique throughout Africa.

“We are trying to improve the wi-fi connectivity at Namanechi and Tengenenge to enable them to market their products worldwide,” he said.

“We are also trying to create a website for them. We are in the process of engaging the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority to give Tengenenge artists a stand in Victoria Falls. They usually go under the Art Gallery, but we need our own stand.

“When ZTA travels outside the country to showcase their products, we want Tengenenge to go as a brand because it is known worldwide as the Shona sculpturing area.”

On agriculture, Cde Dutiro said Siyalima Irrigation Scheme, which was commissioned by President Mnangagwa, has now become a model of irrigation schemes.

“For the first time, Siyalima has planted wheat and they have 30 hectares,” he said.

“I hope they will do seed maize because they have the water and the infrastructure. I am happy with the dedication from Arex workers.

“At Chifamba where a fishing project was started, people are now fishing and it is becoming more of a recreational place for people around the Mudhindo area.

“I am happy that they are not using nets in the dams. They came up with their own rules to control the fishing methods.

“My constituency is agro-based and there are a few minerals, which are also there. We have a population of approximately 100 000, with more women than men.

“My intention is to build the economy of Guruve South from agriculture and mining.”

Old methods of farming are not sustainable and Cde Dutiro said he needs to modernise farming and have a low cost of production.

“If it is tobacco we need to mechanise the irrigation system and not depend on the rains.

“We need to improve the curing process, weeding system so that we improve on yields. What is important now is to improve the levels of income of people in my constituency,” he said.

“We have pockets of our Chinese friends who are mining chrome and it is being done haphazardly. We have noted with concern that they don’t support their workers. We will engage them after the Cabinet is sworn in.

“I thank the people for the trust, supporting and standing with the party and the loyalty they gave to Zanu-PF.

“I thank you for realising that we must stand with President Mnangagwa and see what he can do for us.”

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The Herald

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