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Mr Eazi Jets in Today for Ammara Show

Nigerian singer Mr Eazi is expected in the country this afternoon for his performance at the “Ammartia Ignite” concert at Glamis Arena tomorrow.

The musician will be accompanied by six members of his stage team and he will touch down in Harare at midday.

“Ammartia Ignite” concert will be a show to celebrate Ammara Brown’s career and many local artistes will be part of the concert.

Ammara and Mr Eazi will perform their duet titled “Svoto” while local acts that include Winky D, Ex-Q, Tamy and Takura will take turns to bless the union.

Organisers of the concert said everything is now in place for the event and Mr Eazi has promised an outstanding act.

“Mr Eazi is looking forward to the show. He has promised a memorable act.

“They will have rehearsals with Ammara to polish the act for the collaboration.

“He wants to leave a mark and we are certain that he will do his best,” noted one of the organisers yesterday.

“We are all preparing for a great show and we have hired the best service providers to ensure that we have a flawless event.

“It will be a show to remember.

“The line-up is good and we are confident it is the best for the venue.

“Ammara wants to take herself to another level through a bold move. Our tickets are going for $5, $10 and $50 depending on the section of the venue.”

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The Herald

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