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Mufundisi graded to fifth dan

ZIMBABWE IKO Kyokushin Nakamura branch chief Tawanda Mufundisi has described his grading to fifth dan as a huge step for him and the growth of the style locally. Mufundisi successfully went through a technical dan promotion from fourth to fifth dan in Osaka, Japan recently during the International Karate Organisation Kyokushinkaikan Nakamura International Friendship Cup.

The Zimbabwe branch chief could not hide his joy as he said this marked the beginning of a new era both at individual level and as the local branch chief.

“It meant a lot. It is the beginning of a new era in my karate life, living in a masterly level of our syllabus. At this exceptional level one has to lead by example in doing good always.

“I have great plans for Nakamura Zimbabwe, growth is certain now that we will be exposed to the international programmes and attending branch chiefs meetings and seminars,” said Mufundisi.

The grading process included a 50-man fighting test and Mufundisi said after successfully completing the process, he believes he still has a lot to offer as a fighter and nurturing young talent.

“I went through everything for grading, the karate basics, kata — the formal movements, kumite that is the competition, physical test and body flexibility, of which I passed all that. I went through the 50-man fight, each match lasting two minutes.

“The 50-man kumite gave me more confidence to go back to the ring and shine . . . I won’t stop nurturing young talent, alongside with them we will achieve more. My background in the ghetto has been my source of inspiration and my late mother always supported me a lot during my rising moments in karate. But obviously not forgetting my brother Mark, who was my first childhood instructor in 1990,” said Mufundisi.

Before the grading, Mufundisi took part in the International Friendship Cup, but bowed out in the first round and said it was a bad move considering that he had to also focus on his grading, a process that is also demanding.

“The tournament was good and very competitive. But I didn’t go further, I participated in the middleweight, but exited in the first round because the next day I was supposed to go for grading. It didn’t go well since I was focusing on grading.

“I think it was lack of experience on my side to even step into that ring with a tough grading waiting for me the following morning and the grading was just something else,” said Mufundisi.

Source: The Herald

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