Mugabe asks Zimbabwea Diaspora community to pay US$100 per month to support the economy

Senior government sources revealed this week that the government has started working on modalities after Finance Minister presented his budget review last week to make sure that each member of the Zimbabwean Diaspora community pay between US$25 to US$100 per month depending on where they are based.

Those in the SADC region would pay US$25, those on the rest of the African continent would pay US$50 and those based overseas would pay US$100 in presumptive tax per month. This is expected to generate at least US$200 million for the government every month. “Other countries do it (taxing their citizens based abroad)”, the official said. “If they can send $2 billion home a year, it means they can surely afford to pay slightly more for the good of their country.”

She said those who cannot immediately afford to pay the tax would be required to apply for exemption for a period not exceeding three months, while those who try to avoid the tax would risk having monies they send back home garnished by the taxman or having their assets or those of their relatives attached and sold. Asked if this would allow the Diasporans to vote in future elections, she said those decision would be made in the future. Zimbabwe is facing economic challenges as a result of the illegal and criminal sanctions imposed on the country by the West.

This week , Macro Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister Dr Obert Mpofu said Government had identified the need to widen its focus and expand diaspora participation in the country’s economic turn around strategy.

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  1. Is that cake laced?

  2. This is madness nxaaa, we will find other shadowy means to remit the monies, kujaidza makudo neanokamhina

  3. In a perfect world this is actually a brilliant idea ! But Knowing those at the top and the levels of corruption I bet you not a single penny will make its way to govt>Its all going to be channelled to expensive shopping trips abroad Or if someone has a slight headache they go seek medical attention in foreign land

  4. Lets start by givin the diaspora the opportunity to exercise their right to vote..

  5. Mudzidzisi Ticha Bernard

    If the money would be economically benefit the nation,I would pay with a smile.Contributing money to buy guns & tear gas to be used on my kith & kin is madness.Makajaidzwa anaObert Dumbuzviyo.

  6. Kunyo kwavo, I will never donate money to Zanu pf.

  7. Right to vote pamberi and I give you m $100 perfecct deal…Kandiro kanoenda kunobva kamwe

  8. Disillusioned Diasporian

    Seriously!!! $100 for what??? No. I’m not paying $100 a month. A month?!!! No. I considered it if it was going to be $50 or less per year. What do I get in return??
    1. Flexible citizenship rights?
    2. Will I be granted political rights ie voting, will I be able to run for public office?
    3. Tax incentives?
    4. Special property rights??
    5. Is this going to benefit my parents?
    6. Improve hospitals? To the standard of Borrowdale Trauma Centre???
    The list goes on but I suspect they are only thinking of lining their pockets. Like DJT would say ‘Sad! Sad! Sad!’ Nxaaa mani!!

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