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Mujuru a failed political messiah

Women’s breakthrough in politics will certainly remain a dream if the machinations by National People’s Party (NPP) leader, Dr Joice Mujuru, to join the MDC-T are anything to go by. For a moment the better part of the country was made to believe that Dr Mujuru is finally joining forces with chucked MDC-T Vice President, Dr Thokozani KHUPE, to demonstrate the power of the fairer gender.

A paradigm shift is thus unveiled, courtesy of Dr Mujuru, that power wrangles and backstabbing are also a women’s game. Perhaps it was too much of faith to regard Dr Mujuru as an angel of hope after all the episodes of her ‘Royal Rumble’ with Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo and Jealousy Mawarire, dating back from Zimbabwe People First (ZPF).
Even to date, people continue to jump ship from her NPP project, leaving one to wonder on the extent of her ambition and insatiable appetite for power.

Clearly, the writing is on the wall that she is an unrepentant disciple of former President, Robert Mugabe, whose hard and hot headedness has thrown Zimbabwe into isolation from the international community. In the same manner, Dr Mujuru has been refusing to join hands with the late Morgan Tsvangirai over the name of the MDC Alliance.

She however, ran out of luck because there wasn’t a Mugabe to help her dribble and manoeuvre the political field where ‘kuoma musoro’ does not apply

Now that she has decided to swallow her pride or climb down from her egos to join Chamisa, it remains to be seen how the MDC-T leader will work a way with ‘Teurai Ropa’ (Dr Mujuru). Why she has suddenly decided to come back to the drawing board when there has not been a change in the name of the MDC Alliance also stand to be queried.

As apparent as it is to a common individual that Dr Mujuru has no bargaining ground in her latest overtures, it boggles the mind what she could be up to. She has lost people and stood better chances by riding on the gender card, but alas she is going against the odds.

Such amount of confusion is likely to throw the opposition into a vicious cycle of going in circles until the day of the election. A lot of things are not adding up as far as the actions of the former Vice President of Zimbabwe are concerned.

Perhaps it is not worth it to be paying such attention to a political dwarf of Dr Mujuru’s nature. She claimed to know a lot of secrets about ZANU PF, but up to now she hasn’t coughed a cat on the claims. Dr Mujuru boasted of commanding ZANU PF elements from outside and again there is no evidence to the proclamations.

Having been in Government since independence and then fail to come up with anything tangible to help her political peers simply portrays Dr Mujuru as a useless and failed political messiah who has nothing to offer in whatever endeavour to bring down ZANU PF.

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