Mukanya Coming Home to Vanished Wealth

As the country gets ready for The Lion of Zimbabwe, Thomas Mapfumo’s home coming, his cousin comes in the spotlight again.

Finding your welath gone after a long journey applies to poor Mukanya, as the music guru is known by his legion of fans.

His 90-year-old cousin, Noah Makore, had the Chimurenga musician’s 14 head of cattle left under his stewardship. Not even a calf was left according to close relatives.

The cousin comes back into the spotlight again as he will likely be expected to explain what happened to the herd that was left under his care.

Noah, however, denies any wrongdoing and the number of herd of cattle arguing that they were only five.

He further argues that almost all the cattle died mysteriously and he blames this on avenging spirits noting that there was need for him and Thomas to attend to this problem as a matter of urgency.\

When Saturday Lifestyle visited Noah Makore in Guruve ahead of the Chimurenga musician’s Zimbabwe visit, the cousin said the two had not communicated ever since Mukanya left Zimbabwe, adding that he only heard about the visit over the radio.

“We have not communicated ever since he left and I only heard through the radio that he was coming. I’m hoping that he will come and see me because I’m the elder brother so he is the one who should come here,” he said.

“He is my young brother and nothing will change that. Our fathers were brothers and now I’m the eldest brother. Thomas was the only child from his father but our fathers were very close,” he said with an air of authority.

“I really want him to come so that we can talk.”

Noah in 1999 was accused of bewitching Thomas’ father with the matter spilling into the courts

Responding to the loss of the herd of cattle, the cousin said the matter was bigger than what meets the eye: “The family is under attack from avenging spirits, ngozi, and there is need to exorcise these as soon as we can. I really want to talk to Thomas about this and I hope when he comes to Zimbabwe he will come here so that we can talk about these and many other issues bedevilling the family.

“Musha unorema, saka sezvo ndirini mukoma mukuru, iye anofanira kuuya kwandiri kuti tigadzirise ngozi iyi iripwe,” he said. (Our family is troubled hence he needs to come to me so that we can see how to deal with the issue of avenging spirits)

He further insists that Thomas’s homecoming Bira, which is being held around an event being sponsored by Entertainment Republic in a landmark event, should be held in his home as he was the elder brother.

“Because of the avenging spirits I told you about, the traditional Bira should be done at my homestead as I’m the elder brother. “We will need to let the ancestors know that he is back; that their long gone child has come home, before we deal with the issue of avenging spirits.

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The Herald

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