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Music Divas Invade the Ghetto

A number of female musicians will tomorrow join hands to prove their mettle in a show dubbed “Divas Ghetto Invasion” that takes place at Usahwira Bar in Highfield.

The show is a brainchild of rising singer Sasha who is known for her exciting live shows in various venues across the city.

She will be leading a team that has the likes of Wanai, Ammi Jamanda, Tendai Chimombe, Mel B, Lady Storm, Pauline, Mama Rachie and Alice.

The show has been organised to promote female musicians that have consistently complained about being left out of big shows in the country.

Sasha said this is the beginning of a project that will see the female musicians performing in various high-density suburbs as a team.

“The ‘divas ghetto invasion’ concept is meant to give the female artists exposure to the ghetto way of doing gigs as this where males dominate and make their names. I am taking the divas into Cherima area the heart of Highfield ghetto. We will be invading one ghetto at a time till we conquer the whole nation. It’s a new way of doing things. Something for the divas by the divas with the divas,” said Sasha.

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The Herald

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