Mutodi – Chinese Miners Exchange Land for Goats

Goromonzi MP Energy Mutodi has accused some community leaders in his constituency of accepting a bribe of four cattle and few goats to surrender a hill to a Chinese firm to undertake quarry mining in the area.

This is after thousands of villagers in Domboshava communal area near Harare face eviction by the Chinese company, Jianye Huew which bought a hill to mine quarry.

Mutodi, a Zanu PF legislator and Information Deputy Minister, has accused some corrupt local leaders of taking bribes of four cattle and some goats to surrender the land.

The local leaders at the centre of the storm are opposition MDC councillor Tapiwa Murima, Chief Chinamora and district administrator Prisca Dube.

Mutodi said the selling of the said hill to the Chinese was done behind his back and outside the knowledge of the villagers.

Jianye Huew was granted mining rights on Garimo Hill with villagers close to the area now expected to relocate for excavation to take place.

Following the deal, villagers from Masikandoro, Mkwesha, Njedza, Chironde and Zimbiru areas are set to lose agriculture and grazing land.

Mutodi said the affected villagers number more than 20 000.

“I prematurely ended my ZITF tour in order to attend to villagers who are claiming that a Chinese company is planning to evict 20 000 individuals from their land after Chinese company was granted rights to extract quarry stones from a hill in their area,” Mutodi said, adding that he has since told the villagers to stay put while he sought solutions to the matter.

“A meeting at Zimbiru primary school with Domboshava residents today (Sunday) has revealed that MDC Councillor Tapiwa Murima and a corrupt DA Prisca Dube are behind the sale of Garimo hill to Chinese quarry miners.

“The MP and villagers were not consulted.”

Village head, Sydney Muta said the local MP told the villagers to stay put.

“For now no one is moving from here until the Chinese speak to the villagers and the MP (Mutodi) on the way forward,” he told Saturday.

“This area is our birth place and we have no way to go.”

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