Mutodi reveals specific details of Mujuru’s Mugabe assassination plot

Controversial musician/businessman, Energy Mutodi, who is facing multiple counts of defrauding thousands of home owners, has joined the bootlicking bandwagon by adding his own version of events of how Vice President Joice Mujuru allegedly planned to assassinate President Mugabe.

Mutodi is currently on trial accused of swindling $588 787 after luring over 16 000 civil servants to join and contribute to his National Housing Delivery Trust. Contrary to his promises, Mutodi allegedly withdrew all the money and converted it to his own use.

It would appear he is now working on exploiting the vicious factional fighting in the ruling Zanu PF party and somehow engineer the collapse of his trial by currying favour with the Mugabe family who are determined to get rid of Mujuru by hook or crook including smuggling fabricated stories into the State Media.

Below we reproduce Mutodi’s story on how Mujuru allegedly planned to assassinate Mugabe. The story was posted on his official Facebook page. Please note this has been reproduced as is without any spelling corrections.

How Mujuru planned to assassinate Mugabe

By Energy Mutodi

The lofty Melrose Arch hotel in Sandton was the venue at which both the Military Intelligence 5th Brigade and the CIA agents converged with Mujuru allies to plan Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe assassination it has emerged.


According to our latest findings, Ray Kaukonde, Tendai Savanhu and Labour Minister Nicholas Goche met with Sandline International (formerly known as Executive Outcones) agents namely Mark Thatcher and Piet Van Mervew who run a mercenaries organisation to consider at least three ways in which they could assassinate the President.

Mercenaries help with military strategies and execution of such strategy and they have helped accomplish coup plots in West Africa with almost 100% success. Under this operation, Joice Mujuru would sponsor the mission taking the funds from her late husband’s vast business empire worth at least 9 billion US dollars. The mission was scheduled to take place before Congress so that the impending ZANU PF Congress would first be postponed to allow Mujuru to take over as Acting President and then substantive President when it eventually convenes.


The following are the alternatives that the meeting deliberated on to execute the coup plot:

1. Thornhill Airforce Passout Parade: President Mugabe was to be invited as guest to officiate at the Parade where Airforce officer cadets will be graduating in a similar fashion he has capped thousands of University students in the recent weeks.


Security at the Airforce base would be relaxed and mercenaries planted in the gathering. With all the comfort of being at such a secure place, the President’s own security would be told to relax as the Airforce take centre stage. The miscernaries would then pounce to everybody’s surprise and get assistance to escape to South Africa.

2. Alternatively, this would happen at Morris Depot again at a Passout Parade where graduand police officers have usually been granted a Presidential send off.

3. The Blue House Conspiracy would be organised as follows: Joice Mujuru would request for a meeting with her boss at his residence in Borrowdale and as she normally does during such meetings she would bring her own personal security along with the mercenaries who would massquarade as investors and perharps sponsors to the upcoming Congress. During or after the meeting, the President would be shot bringing surprise and panic at the residence. The mercenaries would then abduct Joice and use her as a host to escape. Joice would then be dumped after which she would come out as President anyway to quell chaos that could arise as a result.


The politicians that worked together to set up the assassination plot include Joice Mujuru and her daughters, Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Webester Shamu, Flora Buka and Ray Kaukonde. Sydney Sekeramayi does not appear in the forefront although he could have worked through Ray Kaukonde.

The most worrisome and common factor of all the three alternative plots is that the Security Services mainly the CIO, the Police and the Army would play a key role in facilitating the slackening of security around the President and the escape of the mercenaries. Morgan Tsvangirai once talked of a Security Sector Reform in Zimbabwe and did not get support for that but in the wake of this new development, the issue might need serious consideration.

Efficient governments work tirelessly to demilitarise traditionally civilian posts such as uniformed Police and its Intelligence arm as well as the Support Units and Prisons. These are posts which usually should be occupied by civilians loyal to the President of the day. There is also need to professionalise the Security forces and turn them from forces to service providers who are apolitical and do not commend or participate in politics. Just like in politics, a long stay in one Security Service job will make one too powerful to believe that they can be king makers if not the Kings themselves.

In the wake of these highly sensitive issues, there is need for Vice President Mujuru to be immediately arrested and brought before justice. She has a burden to prove her innocence. As we speak, Flora Buka is preparing to escape and Joice’s daughters have already run away. The VP must be answerable to her actions which are threatening to cause a civil war in the country and open up an opportunity for the Americans and the British to sanction a NATO invasion as they did with Lybia. All the politicians linked to this plot must quickly be bundled and brought before the courts. Tsvangirai tried all this nonsense and he knows the consequences. There is nothing special about Joice Mujuru, a power hungry, brainless and corrupt widow who wants us to believe that she can do better than Mr Mugabe when she took an opportunity to squander public resources during the past 10 years as VP. Herself and all of her allies have been eating from President Mugabe’s hands since time immemorial but are courageous enough to want to part with their all-time master in a violent and bloody way.


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