Mutsvangwa Furious After Primary Elections Defeat, Declares War On Mliswa

Special Advisor to the president, Christopher Mutsvangwa has declared war on Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa, accusing the independent legislator of orchestrating his loss to Langton Mutendereki in the Zanu PF primary elections.

The ruling party elections have been shambolic across the country; with many disgruntled candidates petitioning for re-runs, citing gross irregularities.

A number of bigwigs aligned to President Emmerson Mnangagwa allegedly lost the primaries to little known opponents in what analysts said was a sign that the Lacoste faction had no grassroots support.

Mutsvangwa claimed Mliswa had infiltrated the party and was working with Webster Shamhu to make sure that Norton constituency gets a weaker Zanu PF candidate whom he would easily defeat at the national polls

“The elections were just so disorganized, I am sorry and there was too much infiltration by the G40,” Mutsvangwa told journalists at a breakfast meeting organized by MISA Zimbabwe Chapter to mark World Press Freedom Day.

“He has infiltrated the party because he is gamatox and he is working with the police, with Webster Shamhu, because they have revenge. So you see again, I am going to make sure that the Norton electorate is not short changed because that is democracy. Between my duty to Zanu PF and my duty to the Norton electorate, my duty is to the electorate, because they are supreme.

“The vote is supreme not Zanu PF. So I am going to make sure that Zanu PF aligns itself to the electorate so that the nascent fascists, the pupating fascists like Temba Mliswa are not allowed to become your rulers,” he added

Mutsvangwa claimed Mliswa had bribed the police, who were used as presiding officers, to turn away potential voters, adding only 4000 out of 30 000 voters were allowed to cast the ballot.

“He is deliberately working to ensure that Norton doesn’t choose a competent candidate so that when he goes to the national election, he will have a weak candidate which he can defeat. Then he organizes the police force, who were made returning officers. All have been bribed, there are only 14-15 stations and it is easy to bribe all of them. And all of them turn away voters they have a list written Mai Shamu and everyone knows the history of Shamu and Mai Shamu … so they put their list in the polling booths, the policeman is paid, people come with their cards and registration slips and they are all being turned away,” he said.

The war veterans leader said Mliswa was afraid of meeting him in the parliamentary election and he (Mliswa) had indicated on social media that if Mutsvangwa were to win the primaries, he would not make it to parliament.

“All the people were being turned away. Why; because Temba Mliswa wanted a weaker candidate and it’s on record … . and these are people whom you are trying to champion as your future, you say these are the people who will fight Zanu PF. That man is just a charlatan and a fascist,” he said.

Mutsvangwa said Mliswa was another Jonathan Moyo in the making who was trying to play big brother in Zanu PF politics, adding the war veterans knew who the traitors trying to destroy the party were and were watching them.

“We have seen it all as war veterans in the village to say who is a traitor and who is not otherwise I don’t survive, so its game on, don’t worry. The main point is that I will not allow the Norton electorate to be short-changed by defeated fascists and Zanu PF will make it rise to the occasion.”

He said Zanu PF had been failing because of the G40 and it was the war veterans who had tweaked it to be where it was now.

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