Mwonzora Taunts ‘Babamunini’ Chamisa Over Propaganda, G40 Links

MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora Saturday took time to harangue MDC Alliance rival Nelson Chamisa, describing the politician as a hypocrite who pretended he did not like Zanu PF when in fact, his transport company had been contracted to ferry milk from late former President Robert Mugabe’s dairy.

Addressing party members during belated commemorations of the opposition’s 21st anniversary at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, Mwonzora accused the rival MDC Alliance of churning out propaganda via social media and confining Zimbabwean politics to a new low of “toxicity, lies and deception”.

He denied claims by the MDC Alliance that his MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe were fronts for Zanu PF.

Mwonzora said, instead, it was the MDC Alliance whose politicians were cosy with elements linked to Zanu PF’s Generation 40 (G40) faction that was once firmly behind Mugabe’s continued stay as President.

“These are most led by G40 elements of Zanu PF, these are the former kingpins of Robert Mugabe’s dictatorial regime responsible for the obnoxious that oppressed our people,” he said.

“Their crime against humanity are a matter of historic record, they have now unleashed their propaganda machinery against our genuine party leaders.”

Mwonzora slammed the MDC Alliance party leadership and supporters for accusing his faction leaders of being a front for the ruling party Zanu PF.

“This propaganda has manifested on the social media and has confined Zimbabwe politics to a new low in terms of toxicity, lies and deception,” he said.

“There are those who said we are working with Zanu PF, Khupe is being used by Zanu PF, Komichi was bought by Zanu PF, Mwonzora was bought by Zanu PF. Let me tell you that those that were bought by Zanu PF are there.

“Khupe, Komichi, Mwonzora havana kumbobvira vatakura mukaka we Gushungo Dairy, ndimika babamunini (Chamisa) maitakura mukaka we Gushungo Dairy (they were never contracted to transport Gushungo Dairy milk. It is you (Chamisa) instead).

“For you to see that this person was bought by Zanu PF or not, check whether that person has been arrested or not.

“Khupe has been arrested 7 times, Komichi has been arrested so many times, myself Mwonzora.

“I don’t even remember how many times I have been arrested, ko babamunini makambosungwawo here (how about you)?”

He added, “We do not want leaders who say let’s go and protest, on the day of the demonstration you are nowhere to be found.

“We don’t want those cowards, so when the time comes, we will deal with dialogue, when the time comes, we will embark on peaceful demonstration in terms of the Constitution.

“And we will do what we used to do, we go in front as the leaders.”

The opposition politician said the landmark Supreme Court judgement in April this year put to rest, the leadership squabbles within the broader MDC.

“The straight-forward ruling of the Supreme Court was well received by all right-thinking members of the party and members of the society,” he said.

“It was however rejected by those who wanted to sacrifice constitutionalism and principle on the altar of convenience and directionless populism.”

Mwonzora also told party supporters that MDC-T was formed on the 11th of September 1999 to complete the unfinished business of the liberation struggle and redress the long suffering of the masses of Zimbabwe.

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