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Mzansi doesn’t yet know the real enemy

The Sharpshooter Vukani Madoda
One thing our African brothers and sisters across the Limpopo have to learn is that the continent’s enemy, for centuries now, is not their fellow man.

For over 500 years, the enemy has been the same.

That enemy will do anything to subvert the African’s sovereignty, and he will not stop until we kill each other.

It was sad the other week to see African brothers and sisters join hands with rabid racists against their very own leader, Cde Jacob Zuma.

The age old enemy had a field day, unleashing their pent-up fear and hatred.

The sight of an Afrikaner woman waving a placard written “Los my land uit” (“Leave my land alone”) should make any African sick.

Surely, how does a Boer tell an African such a thing, and worse still have an African stand by her side in solidarity?

The other placards were vulgar, crude and dripping with evidence of who our real enemy is.

The enemy had come out in the open and was having what would seem like the last laugh.

The white South African setter was in full force, showing the black South African how to hate himself and his kith and kin.

It was a jovial moment for the white South African who gleefully grabbed the nostalgic piece of the apartheid pie that was presented to them by a bunch of clumsy black South African who still do not know who their enemy is.

Perhaps there was a valid reason underlying the anti-Zuma march at first. It is their democratic right, if you like, but the moment the enemy becomes part of it the whole thing loses legitimacy.

When you see your enemy egging you on, run for the hills and reconsider your position.

It’s as simple as that.

We are talking of a country where, for example, a black man in the computer programming industry earns roughly R8 000 a month while his white counterpart with the same – or lower qualifications – earns at least R30 000.

So would you ever see this white boy march against such a system because he wants to be paid less or he wants you to be paid more?

Surely the interests cannot converge here!

The enemy is a racist capitalist of the highest order for whom any opportunity to sow chaos here, indeed opportunity at treason, is grabbed with both hands.

Have our Africa brothers and sisters ever marched side by side with the enemy when we call for a reduction in tuition fees? Do they march with us when we complain about lack of employment opportunities? Do they march with us when we say our people must control their land?

Do they march with us when we talk of empowerment? Do they march with us when we want the State to make it easier for an African to open a business?

Ever wondered why no “xenophobic” attacks have occurred against white people in South Africa?

Have they not taken the jobs of black South Africans?

I am not saying white people should be brutalised. No. What I’m saying is we should know who the real enemy is.

Why are our African brothers and sisters not marching again white privilege? Is it because white South Africans are more special than Cde Jacob Zuma?

For how long should we think it is right for Cde Zuma to be demonised, like his elder brother Cde Mugabe, because he is trying to empower his people?

We are watching as events unfold in the so-called Rainbow Nation and we pity the whole thing.

The enemy is having a field day and they are rubbing their hands in unabashed pleasure as Africans push their agenda for them.

Already, the rand currency is struggling because the enemy is playing the politics of markets and credit ratings to stir up more African-on-African anger.

So after those disgusting marches, Cde Zuma is still the President of the Republic of South Africa and the African people of that country are bearing the brunt of the falling rand.

It should be remembered that it is only a matter of time before the gazelles are the ones hunting the lions and the birds are the ones with the catapults.

Black South African’s should remember to choose their problems wisely or, better yet, they should choose their enemies wisely.


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