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New car assembler

Mureza Auto Company has announced its intention to assemble and distribute Iranian developed vehicles locally, in partnership with Willowvale Motor Industries.

This will also be through a joint venture with the Société Anonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile as registered in French (SAIPA Group) based in Tehran. According to a media release from Mureza, the ultimate objective is to design and manufacture vehicles in Africa for African drivers. The business, which is being backed by funders in the United Arab Emirates, aims to fill the gap between new vehicles and used vehicles currently sold in African countries, according to its chief executive officer Tatenda Mungofa.

“We propose to fill this gap with new models priced not much above the cost of a used import, which are heavily taxed in certain markets. The word Mureza means Flag and we want to be the flag wavers for an indigenous African motor industry,” Mr Mungofa said in a statement.

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