New film ‘Thandie’s Diary’ for Zambezi Magic

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
Local film-maker and executive producer of popular soap “Wenera”, Eddie Ndhlovu, has finished shooting a new production titled “Thandie’s Diary” that is centred on abuse of women.

The 90-minute feature film is set to premiere on Zambezi Magic next month while in August it is expected to showcase in California and Los Angeles, US.

“Thandie’s Diary” is a story about an abusive marriage between Thandie and Phillip.

Everyone admires their marriage as Thandie always puts a courageous smile that paints an attractive picture of their relationship

However, after two painful years of being abused by Phillip for failure to conceive, Thandie finally gets pregnant and this becomes a turning point in her life as she decides to tell the whole world in a diary how cruel her husband is.

The film features a cast from Wenera who include Tariro Chitapi, Tinashe Pundo, Arnold Gara, Thabisile Mkandla, Fatima Makunganya and Jane Dembo

In an interview, Ndhlovu said they are now in final production process.

“We have clinched a deal with Zambezi Magic and they are so patiently waiting for ‘Thandie’s Diary’. I had a chat with an official from Zambezi Magic and shared my vision

“I am supposed to screen the film too in August in US. I had made contacts at my recent visit and promised to bring the film in August.

“They have registered me and waiting for it. The film is inspired by societal settings. Some women are abused in marriages yet alone they don’t have anyone to tell but they end up writing about it in their diaries or journals,” he said.

He did not want to shed much light on the figures but said it was a tight budget production.

“Filming is not easy but sometimes you just have to improvise. The reason why I had to recycle my cast is the good relationship we have together. Even in Hollywood they have same characters on different films or series,” he explained

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