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New initiative to foster unity in arts sector

Rebecca Kabaya Arts Reporter
Upcoming artistes have come up with an initiative that promotes unity and gender equality through live shows.
Afrofusion musicians Caroline Chirowodza (Caychi) and Nigel Madzimure (N-one) recently kicked off with a show at Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton.

Chirowodza said the gig marked the beginning of their union.
“We want to promote unity and gender equality in the industry because as artistes we can excel when we are united. We are joining forces to fight various challenges in the music industry.

“Our performance at Pakare Paye was embraced by people. They were happy and we have been receiving comments on how they think we can improve the concept,” she said.

Responding to what made them come up with the concept, Chirowodza said: “When two artistes join forces, they share ideas and create a bigger connection with their fan-base.

“Right now we are rehearsing for our next show. We need something strong to move people to understand our theme. Nigel is in the studio right now putting our house in order.”

She said their next show will be in remote areas and they hope to travel to South Africa in the near future.
Caychi has grown from a one-woman act and now performs with a live band, The Afro Jive Band.
Together, they have been tearing stages apart across the country with performances that can only be described as electric.

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