New Mirazvo movie brings comic relief

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
The Zemura brothers have done it again!

This time, through their company Mirazvo Productions, the brothers have released an intriguing comedy dubbed “Death and other Complications” that is showing at Ster Kinekor Eastgate theatres.

The cast includes local comedian Admire Kuzhangaira, Gamuchirai Duve, Moses Kawara and Stellah January. It premièred last Friday with local film buffs, critics, celebrities, actors, producers and writers in attendance.

The 108-minute production was written by Bernard Sande, produced by Nick Zemura and directed by multi-award winner Shem Zemura.

Speaking at the sidelines of the premiere, film director Zemura said, “Death and Other Complications” will hit cinemas across Zimbabwe and plans are underway for it to be screened on international platforms.

The film follows a day in the life of recently married John (played by Admire Kuzhangaira), who is caught in fix when he invites his girlfriend to his family house because his wife and parents have travelled. All seems to be going well until his world is thrown into turmoil when his guest dies. On the other hand, his family returns home earlier than expected and more drama unfolds. The film is full of comic scenes and Kuzhangaira’s humour adds spark to the production.

Zemura said the hilarious comic was shot at one major location because of budget constraints.

“You have noticed that there were no subtitles because we thought most of our jokes would have been lost in translation and we didn’t want people to be distracted from concentrating on the spoken dialogues.

“We had a huge budget challenge, hence we started cutting costs by deciding how the story can be produced at one location,” he said.

Writer Sande said the story was inspired by some experiences within family set—ups.

It tries to explore the lies, secrecy, emotions and confusion of people living in the fast—paced modern society.

“The concept came when my wife asked if I could switch from my usual thriller narratives and scripts to write something affecting the ordinary families in a humorous and fresh way.

“It also came after a question was posed, ‘what happens when a cheat gets in a mess and by trying to cover up his deeds?’ He digs himself deeper in the mud,” said Sande.

After the screening, Zemura brothers also shared behind-the-scene stories of the film with college students and film critics

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