Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o asked why 40 million #Nigeria Yorubas are a “tribe” while 250 000 #Iceland natives are a nation?

*Ngugi wa Thiong: Public lecture key points:*

” I’ve never heard of an African country going to Europe & drilling for oil. Or London for minerals.”

“In colonial conquest, language did to the mind what the sword did to the body of the colonised – Ngūgī”

“Why does Africa have the resources but remain the poorest part of the world? Reimagine place & mapping.”

“Over 500 years Africa has been the donor to the world, rather than merely aid recipient as framed in West.”

‘If you know all the languages of the world but not your mother tongue, that is enslavement’

“Make it cool and clever to know an African language.”

“Use English but don’t let English use you.”

‘While African leaders perfected their accents, Europeans sharpened tools for access to the resources’

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o asked why 40 million Yorubas are a “tribe” while 250 000 Icelanders were a nation.

Some African countries think they are better because of their closeness to the west

I can’t believe some African countries have their treasuries run by France or other Western countries.

When I travel Africa, all the banking institutions are basically branches of international companies

The irony is, we will discuss this in English.

Very very true my brother the irony of the matter is that _Our women and children are more colonised mentally than Africa is physically_.

Where do we go from here?

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