Nguwaya Removed From Remand

Controversial businessman and corruption accused dealer, Delish Nguwaya has been removed from remand with the state asked to proceed by way of summons once they are ready for trial.

Nguwaya, through his lawyer Admire Rubaya told Harare magistrate Ngoni Nduna that the state, which had applied for a postponement, were only pleasing opponents of President Emerson Mnangagwa whom he said were using his case as an opportunity to set a negative political sentiments against the new dispensation.

“We plead that the court knocks some sense into the the state’s head and that the accused be removed from remand and when the state is ready they will proceed by way of summons.

“When the accused was arrested, social media was aligning him to the first family to which he is not, and him being on remand will make the opponents of president Mnangagwa happy and feel succeed,” said Admire Rubaya who is representing Nguwaya.

Nguwaya denied having any relationship with President Mnangagwa and the first family and he also said that there is no prejudice on this matter contrary to what the social media has been alleging.

“The re is no prejudice here, and the accused has been religiously coming to court, he can do so as well when the state is ready, as of now the court should allow him to walk freely,” he added while making his submissions.

Nguwaya being accused of lying to government that his company was a medical firm in a bid to be awarded tenders under Zimbabwe’s health ministry.

The State alleges that Nguwaya lied about his company Drax being based in Switzerland.

Acting on this misrepresentation, Health Minister Obadiah Moyo authorized a US$2 million medicine supply deal through NatPharm.

Nguwaya allegedly did the same using a company Drax International and won a supply deal worth US$40 million.

The matter came to light after a notable variance on prices charged by the companies to those prevailing on the market.

He is being represented by his lawyers, Admire Rubaya, Tafadzwa Hungwe, and Ashiel Mugiya and denies all the charges.

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