#Nigeria Pastor of Breast and Honey Fellowship Church heals women by sucking their breasts in church

SHOCKING – A Nigerian Pastor in Kenya has admitted on radio that he heals women by sucking their breasts in church and that female church members do not wear bras.

The Breast and Honey Fellowship Church congregants are only women.

In this audio recording by 99.0 FM Hero Radio, a radio station based in Nakuru, Kenya, a Pastor from Nigeria admitted to sucking women’s breasts for deliverance in his church.

Nigerian Pastor in Kenya sucks women’s breasts in church

Below is the conversation between On Air Personalty Nancy (real name Kate Vobic) and the pastor of Breast and Honey Harvest Church International.

The pastor told her to come to his church so he could suck out the spirit of rejection from her breast so she can be delivered of the spirit of rejection.

According to the conversation, Pastor Chidioke admitted that his church members don’t wear bras.

Watch and Listen to pastor here:


Below is the verbatim of ‘Pastor’ Chijoke’s live phone conversation with a radio presenter named Ketty Vobic who pretended to ordinary and desperate lad called Nancy.
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Praise the living God
RADIO PRESENTER: My name is Nancy.
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Yes Nancy, how can I help you
RADIO PRESENTER: I got your number from a friend of mine you helped
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: What did your friend tell (you)?
RADIO PRESENTER: Let me just ask because after discussing this I am coming to your church for prayer. She told me the name of the church but I can’t remember. Kindly remind me the name of the church.
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Breast and Honey Harvest Church International.
RADIO PRESENTER: Wait a minute… ‘breast’ as in ladies’ breasts.
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Exactly! Because you know the spirit of the lord lies in the breast of a lady even when you are young. We suck the breast so that you can get the fulfilling of the lord. The more you suck the breasts, the more you get the fulfilling of the Lord.
RADIO PRESENTER: So. Pastor, the name of the church is Breast and Honey Harvest Fellowship
RADIO PRESENTER: I have a problem and I really wanted you to pray for me or tell me the way forward. Am looking for spiritual guidance
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Oh my God! Go ahead madam.
RADIO PRESENTER: Ok. I have an issue. I have not been married for a long time and every time I get connected to a man. They cut off the relationship when it’s just about time.
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Oh! The spirit of the lord is telling me that there is a big problem in your heart. Madam every time you look for men. Men keep on rejecting you.
RADIO PRESENTER: I don’t look for men. I start dating and when we date we prepare for a wedding.
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: That’s what am saying once you date men they reject you. You have the spirit of rejection in your heart.
RADIO PRESENTER: So how are you going to help me?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: You should just come and visit me in my office, I suck out the spirit of rejection from your heart. Praise the living God.
RADIO PRESENTER: You said we remove the what? The spirit of rejection from my breast
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: from your heart.
RADIO PRESENTER: When is prayer day?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Every Sunday at 4pm at the Tabernacle 0ld church.
RADIO PRESENTER: Do I need to carry anything?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE; don’t carry anything. Just come with a little bit of offering.
RADIO PRESENTER: The friend who gave me your number told me that when coming to church I should not put on my bra.
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Of course, yes! That’s why the church is called for people like you with the spirit of rejection. We are going to suck off those problems.
RADIO PRESENTER: How are you sucking it? Are you going to use my breasts to suck the rejection? So who is going to suck my breast?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: The pastor does everything. You just come for spiritual guidance.
RADIO PRESENTER: So you are the one who is going to be sucking my breasts ah.
RADIO PRESENTER: For how long?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: You just come and you are going to see for yourself.
RADIO PRESENTER: Is there any verse in the bible where people are told to suck the breasts?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Don’t refer this to the bible.
RADIO PRESENTER: Am wondering because all the churches I go to……..
[Pastor Chijioke starts sounding furious] PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Wait a minute you have called to ask or what?
RADIO PRESENTER: I just wanted to know. I didn’t even get your name. You are pastor who?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Pastor Chijioke
RADIO PRESENTER: Your church only has ladies. Why don’t you have men in your church?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: We leave everything to the Lord
RADIO PRESENTER: Why did you come out of Nigeria?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE: I came out because of the calling of Breast and Honey Harvest Church international.
RADIO PRESENTER: Pastor or whoever you call yourself, my name is Ketty Vobic calling you from Hero radio.
[Pastor Chijioke sounds surprised] PASTOR CHIJIOKE: Man of God.
RADIO PRESENTER: Let’s talk about this, how dare you call your church Breast and Honey, you only have ladies who fellowship there. Wait a minute, the ladies that come there come without bras? Why are you deceiving people?
PASTOR CHIJIOKE; You think you are the first one to do that. I am not going to stand here and listen to this nonsense. Get out of here.
[Pastor Chijioke hangs up]

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