Business man Nkosana Moyo speaks during the launch of his party Alliance of People's Agenda in Harare, Zimbabwe on June 29 2017. Nkosana Moyo is a former cabinet minister who resigned in 2001 sighting mismanagement of President Robert Mugabe's government and has been living in exile ever since.

Nkosana Moyo sets date for manifesto launch

Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) leader, Nkosana Moyo said he would unveil the party election manifesto on June 20, as he scales up his unique door-to-door campaign ahead of next month’s general elections.


“After a year of meeting Zimbabweans from all spheres, listening and learning their pressing challenges and their call for a new political and socio-economic alternative, I’m honoured to officially invite all to the launch of the people’s agenda manifesto by @APAZimbabwe on June 20,” Moyo posted on his Twitter page early this week.

Although Moyo has scoffed at the idea of joining opposition parties’ grand coalition to depose Zanu PF, he said he would invite all political activists of all colours and shades to his party’s manifesto launch.

“We open this invite to all democrats, members of the free press, Zimbabweans across all political divides beyond APA members who want to listen, learn, critique and stay informed in lieu of the July 30 elections. Dress, however, you like. Even in your favourite scarf or T-shirt,” the former Industry and International Trade minister said.

Moyo said the ruling Zanu PF party had no capacity to resolve the country’s worsening socio-problems, hence, the need for new political players.

“A new Zimbabwe run differently is not going to be attained by the same methods we have used before of patronage and divisiveness. Because a fish rots from the head, we have to do better,” he said.

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