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NRZ Workers’ Appeal to President Mnangagwa

Workers at the struggling National Railways of Zimbabwe have appealed to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to force their employer to pay them outstanding salaries and allowances dating back to three years.

In a statement released on Monday, NRZ workers complained that they have not been paid their dues adding that they working under inhumane conditions as they do not have safety clothing.

“Firstly the National Railways of Zimbabwe Workers congratulatesyou for assuming the presidency of our country Zimbabwe.

“NRZ Workers applaud your office for promising us a New dispensation where the welfare of Zimbabweans comes first.

“Mr President, we have a number of issues which need your attention firstly we are not receiving our salaries from our employer as agreed in our contract of employment monthly such that by now cumulatively we have 17 months in unbanked salaries.

“To add to that we are also not getting our salaries in full and our transport allowance backlog is 6 months while safety clothing which is an essential is not given yearly yet the organization’s theme is “SAFETY FIRST”, reads the statement.

They called on President Mnangagwa to ensure that worker’s full salaries are restored to meet their needs and wants.

“We kindly appeal to your esteemed office so that you restore smiles back on our impoverished families by ensuring that our full salaries are restored and all the backlog arrears paid with immediate effect so that we pay our debts, buy residential stands and also build homes for our families like every other Zimbabwean.

“We await to hear your timely and favorable response and we are available for further engagement on this urgent issue and other issues pertaining to improving the lives of us Railway employees, “said the workers.

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