Ntabazinduna villager donates blood 100 times

NATIONAL Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) recently honoured Zulu Moyo of Ntabazinduna for managing to donate over 100 units of blood since 1990.


Moyo says it makes him feel helpful contributing to the well-being of others in the country.

He travels from Ntabazinduna to Bulawayo to donate blood.

NewsDay reporter Sharon Sibindi (ND) caught up with Moyo (ZM), who said he witnessed an accident in which it pushed him to become a blood donor. Below are excerpts from the interview:

ND: Who are you and where do work?

ZM: My name is Zulu Moyo. I was born on January 22, 1966 and I am 52 years old. I am a family man and stay in Ntabazinduna at Gwenyukwenyu village.

ND: What are you doing in life?

ZM: I am self-employed. I am into rearing chickens, growing and selling vegetables.

ND: What inspired you to continue donating blood?

ZM: I saw a serious accident in 1992 and the people there lost a lot of blood. I then heard some say these people will need blood, which will be very difficult to get as hospitals were running out of blood and a few people by that time were donating blood. So I was touched.

ND: Are there any benefits that you get after donating?

ZM: Yes, I do get benefits. There are some small tokens I obtained: a certificate for 25 times of donation, two wooden shields for 50 and 75 times donations, then this one I got now.

ND: When did you start donating?

ZM: I started donating in 1990 but I was touched by what I witnessed in 1992 and since then, I have never stopped donating.

ND: Where do you donate you blood since you are in Ntabazinduna?

ZM: I go to Bulawayo. I started donating at St George’s, which is in Bulawayo at 10 Avenue and Main Street, then I moved to 4th Avenue and Josiah Tongogara Street at Blood Transfusion Centre.

ND: What is your family’s view about your continuous donation of blood? Are they happy or discouraging you?

ZM: Some members are not happy, as they say I am not benefiting anything, while some are encouraging me to continue and not give up.

Some of my family members even say I should be rewarded, especially in the form of money, as I am doing a great job.

ND: Is your family also donating?

ZM: My wife is the only one who is donating.

ND: Any challenges that you have experienced?

ZM: So far I haven’t experienced any challenges. Everything is going well.

ND: What is your advice to the youth and the nation at large concerning blood donation?

ZM: I encourage them to donate blood as it saves so many lives and to abstain from immoral activities.

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