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Number of rejected tobacco bales too high

– At least 40 520 bales of tobacco  have been rejected at auction and contract sales floors since the start  of the 2017 marketing season, a 28,4 percent jump from the 31 539  bales  rejected during the comparable period last year, statistics that the  regulator released show.

Statistics that the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB)  released on day 21 of sales show that the majority of the rejected bales  were from contract sales at 23 540 while the remainder were rejected at  auction floors.

Tobacco is rejected at thepoint of sale for various reasons chief among  them being overweight, underweight, badly handled (too wet or too dry),  mouldy or farmers can reject the price offered.

TIMB public relations and communications manager Isheunesu Moyo however  told New Ziana that there was nothing amiss about the high number of  rejected tobacco bales.

“Deliveries this season are much higher compared to last season hence  the high number or rejected tobacco as well. Reasons for rejection of  tobacco range from mouldy or wet and such tobacco is sent back for  re-handling. Farmers can also reject a price,” he said.

So far, at least 671 212 bales have been laid for sale, up from 444 265  bales laid during the comparable period last year.Of that total, at least 630 692 bales have been sold through both the  auction and contract systems.

Meanwhile, the TIMB said 46,9 million kilogrammes of the golden  leaf worth $125, 8 million have been sold since the beginning of  the marketing season this year.

The tobacco is being sold at an average price of $2,68 per kg.Zimbabwe anticipates an output of 202 million kg of tobacco during the 2016/17 selling season.

Export destinations for Zimbabwean tobacco include Belgium, United Arab  Emirates, China, Sudan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, United  Kingdom, Spain, New Zealand, Montenegro and Russia. – New Ziana

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