Opposition Attempting to Scare Its Way to State House

ng eye that the opposition and its functionaries, making use of the malleability and non-accountability nature of social media, has launched a social media offensive to portray the country as being in a crisis.

The intention is to create panic among citizens and buttress the opposition’s narrative that the country is at breaking point owing to zanu-pf’s alleged inability to govern.

This narrative is in turn aimed at making it easier for the opposition to mobilise for planned mass protests.

The hoped for end result is of course, Chamisa at State House, finally making use of the Guard of Honour inspection rehearsals he claimed to be holding since the pre-election period.

Although this technique (in the loosest terms) has always flopped, it’s surprising and increasingly worrying how Zimbabweans, especially the so-called elite, who spend hours on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other micro-blogging sites, fall for it again and again.

It is disheartening to note that it takes only a single carefully edited or cropped picture to send people into frenzy, believing that the sky is falling.

A picture of a seed loaf, a premium brand of bread, retailing at $1,55 is easily used to claim that it is now the standard price of bread in Zimbabwe.

Others are circulating a single picture of an empty supermarket shelf, claiming that that is the state of all supermarkets around the country.

The more desperate and agenda-driven ones are enlisting Photoshop to augment their alarmist narratives. While a simple stroll around town would debunk these myths, there are some among us who prefer that the situation be as catastrophic as claimed, so that they can have the upper hand in political arguments, others are simply too lazy to verify facts on the ground for themselves and prefer to follow the wind, engaging in panic buying even if the goods are unreasonably priced.

And of course it’s manna from heaven for some supermarket owners who, being naturally predatory when it comes to customers’ wallets, hike prices to profiteer from the confusion. And just like that, citizens have spun themselves a web.

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