Opposition not in it for the people

Ms Thokozani Khupe

Ms Thokozani Khupe

Nduduzo Tshuma, Political Editor
Recent revelations by MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe that she is in politics for money, all but confirms the agenda of not only herself but her colleagues in opposition politics.

Some have seen into the opportunistic politics by the likes of Ms Khupe and her ilk but the admission by the MDC-T vice president serves to convince the remaining doubters on what really motivates opposition politics.

In a clip recorded when Khupe addressed a meeting in the United Kingdom at the weekend, the MDC-T vice president said she was in politics for money as she loves a good life.

“There is only one MP, one councillor and you cannot all be President, you cannot all be Members of Parliament, neither can you all be councillors so we are all here because we want to use politics as a stepping stone, so that we create a conducive environment where those who want to do business, will do business and make money,” said Ms Khupe.

“Personally, I love a better life, you know life is good man but life can only be good when you have money in your pocket because money speaks. We are all here because we want money, without money we cannot go anywhere guys let’s be honest with each other. We are in politics because we want money, once we have money, we are able to send our children to school.”

Ms Khupe’s admissions are relevant in many ways especially with the country preparing for national elections next year as it gives the voter a clear picture of the “principles” guiding the opposition that hopes to one day replace the ruling Zanu-PF.

And yes for her own personal journey from the National Railways of Zimbabwe to the MDC-T presidency, Ms Khupe by her own admission did not have Zimbabwe in mind but fattening her pockets, enjoying the good life and sending her children to school.

Surely, the voter goes to the 2018 elections on the ambitions of the so called biggest opposition party.

Importantly Khupe’s revelations explain the chaos that has rocked the MDC itself to the point of fragmenting into a number of factions since the formation of the original MDC in 1999 and similarly the chaos in other parties.

The opposition is not driven by any ideology or vision to drive or develop this country but want to use politics as a spring board for financial gain.

The chaos that has seen MDC disintegrating was not because they failed to agree on what was best for Zimbabwe but was as a result of stampeding to position themselves for opportunities to make money.

Ms Khupe’s revelation can also be analysed in the context of the Western sponsored regime change agenda where the bloc, in a bid to protect their interests in Zimbabwe found willing partners in the opposition to try and overthrow the President Mugabe-led Government.

It is clear now even to the doubters that the reason why opposition politics’ support swelled in coincidence with the land reform programme was that the likes of Ms Khupe allowed themselves to be used by the West to oppose pro people policies because they wanted the fat purse.

The opposition in its entire existence, according to Ms Khupe, has not stood for the people’s interests but has been attracted by the money and opportunities associated with opposing the ruling Zanu-PF.

Within the MDC-T intra politics, Ms Khupe is said to lead a faction and her stronghold being the structures in the southern parts of the country.

Here, Ms Khupe is said to be the Queen Bee and rising to any position without her blessing is almost impossible serve for a few examples like Mr Gideon Shoko recently appointed to Senate by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

Those close to Ms Khupe’s politics will tell you she has frustrated a number of officials out of the structures deemed to be threats to her interests and that of her faction.

If some still suffered from the illusion that Ms Khupe was doing so to make sure that the southern parts of the country had sound representation, the moment of truth is upon them for she has confessed that the main driving force behind her politics is money.

It explains why some of her top loyalists have had a brush with the law and government authorities over corrupt activities because they are not there to serve the people but to make money.

In the broader sense and having worked in close proximity with her boss Mr Tsvangirai, it is our belief that had he seen or still sees things differently, the MDC-T leader would have long counselled Ms Khupe.

But just like his deputy, Mr Tsvangirai has proved to be an opportunistic politician who thought he could hold Zimbabweans at ransom by inviting Western sanctions on the country so that he could effect a regime change.

All this he did with funding running into millions of dollars from enemies of Zimbabwe.

And yes Ms Khupe loves the good life, who can forget her days as Deputy Prime Minister when she thought her position was enough not to be stopped at police manned roadblocks.

She was furious that her vehicle had been stopped at a roadblock because according to her reasoning, the constable who had stopped her was supposed to know that “she was too important to be stopped.”

It took a reminder from police commissioner general Dr Augustine Chihuri that like any other Zimbabwean, Ms Khupe was not above the law.

As Zimbabweans prepare for next year’s elections, it is no longer about convincing them on which party to back but to make a decision between promoting their interests or catapulting opportunists to a conducive environment where they can make money.

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