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Bond notes need fresh impetus?

Clemence Machadu Insight — Howdy folks! Have you noticed how there is a thriving market for currencies in the streets out there? If you throw a stone at areas around Harare’s Roadport, it will hit a money-changer! Well, in fact, you might actually hit two money-changers with one stone. It’s …

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The instructor who trained Joice Mujuru

BORN in 1954 Cde Emelda Musanhu whose Chimurenga name was Cde Suzan Rutanhire joined the liberation struggle in November 1972 soon after her wedding to a catechist George Rutanhire. Cde Suzan, from Mt Darwin, under Chief Matope went to Chiunye School in the area. While many newlyweds go for honeymoon …

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Phew, that was close! Tyson can breathe again

So Tyson’s near political death experience must be a humbling lesson to him and many other Zanu-PF members. ZANU-PF national commissar, Savior “Tyson” Kasukuwere was a few seconds from his political death. The hurricane was sweeping and destroying everything on its path and it was only a matter of time …

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Leave the club, get a whip

Dr Don Gwashu, taking the Sociology class of Mass Communication students at Harare Polytechnic at the turn of the millennium, expressed some scepticism about the Fast-Track Land Reform Programme. He said something to the effect that: “Until (Cde Hitler) Hunzvi and Cde (Joseph) Chinotimba take over Chapman Golf Club or …

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Silencing that voice of negativity

Milton Kamwendo Hunt for Greatness THERE are noises everywhere. Deafening noises that tempt you to be negative, cynical, gloomy and unbelieving. Install a filter in your mind by deliberately choosing the thoughts you dwell on. It is not the number of voices that are speaking that matters, but the voices …

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