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Is rising inflation that bad?

Howdy folks! Price stability is one of the four key macro-economic objectives of governments. Ideally, price stability means that inflation should be kept as low as possible. But just how low should it go? Generally, it is accepted that inflation should stay between levels of 1-2 percent, while rates greater …

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Female freedom fighter at 13 years old

COMRADE Esther Munyaradzi (born 1959) whose Chimurenga name was Cde Steria Dube was forced to joined the liberation struggle in 1972 when she was 13 years old. Cde Steria was born in Guruve but grew up in Muzarabani. In this interview with our team comprising Munyaradzi Huni and Tendai Manzvanzvike, …

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Goats for fees is no joke

A trip of goats springs into view as we approach St Anthony Zvidhuri Secondary School in Hwedza. Occasionally, these adventurous little herbivores try to enter the school’s classrooms only to be chased out by the occupants. They scamper in different directions, bleating in discordant tune. Strangely though, no one seems …

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The big problems of little people

It is pretty easy to look down on dwarves … Ok, let us leave out the short people jokes, The Sunday Mail Society should not stoop so low… People have always abused anyone who is different. Differences in religion, colour and class have long been the catalysts for much oppression. …

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Creating an identity within globalisation

Would a single citizen existing in isolation need to have an ID card? Perhaps an identity for oneself is only as relevant as one exists amongst others. Consider how we define ourselves as citizens; it is a derivative of father, mother and village of origin. Identity as a unique individual …

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