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What have we become Zimbabweans?

by FUNGAI RUFARO MACHIRORI The main traffic light that filters vehicles turning right from Harare’s Avondale Shopping Centre always seems to take an inordinate amount of time to change from red to green. And like many things requiring patience, this is a strange and testing phenomenon for motorists in a …

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#Zimbabwe Only Country where a 91 year old can be president

Congratulations people of Zimbabwe. We have made history. We are the only country in the world with a 91 year old President who has no grandchild. The curse will never leave when you hold such records under the sun. Enjoy the celebration of the record kkkk. If Mugabe had a …

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Brainworks Capital acquisition of Telecel #Zimbabwe Collapses

Brainworks Capital Pulls Out from acquisition of Telecel #Zimbabwe. Brainworks Capital Management was set to acquire a 40% stake in Telecel Zimbabwe currently held by the Empowerment Corporation (EC) in a transaction which could end the protracted share wrangle in the indigenous investment vehicle. Brainworks  made an offer for the 40 percent …

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