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The Country Spiraling Into Its Worst Economic Crisis in a Decade

AFTER enduring through hyperinflation and economic crisis in 2008, Zimbabwe is yet again facing the fear of another round of hyperinflation as people ration basic necessities like bottled water and even beers. The new finance minister, Mthuli Ncube stated the country is in middle-economy now who was also the one …

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Protesters’ Arrests Seen Fueling Crisis

Zimbabwe’s growing economic crisis, which has sent consumer prices spiraling upward and created shortages of everything from gasoline to medication to fried chicken, is shaping up to be the first major test for Zimbabwe’s new president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was sworn in barely two months ago. And the arrest this …

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Family-led enterprises can ease the burden on government

IT must be difficult being in the shoes of Finance minister Mthuli Ncube. Being appointed to such a powerful post is an honour, but that power comes with huge responsibilities. His presence on the scene has allowed the Zanu PF face of governance to retract into the background, as Ncube …

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Varsities honorary degrees — a farce

IF the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) was a human being, it could be wrinkled and grey haired by now. All things being equal, it could be a seasoned citizen, mellowed by maturity; an individual who no longer childishly clowns around. guest column Cyprian Ndawana Founded under a special arrangement with …

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Innovative plastics disposal for sustainable waste management

THE presence of used plastics and failure to be properly disposed of or to decompose has posed enormous challenges for the environment, thereby generating lots of endless debates. guest column Peter Makwanya From a general point of view, used plastics are an eye-sore and an environmental menace. While the world …

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