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Dimensions of faith

Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis Throughout my life I have taught about faith hundreds of times- from different perspectives and angles. In this article, I would like to show that faith has levels thus will elaborate the three main dimensions of faith. Believing when something happens The first dimension of faith …

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Of music and gospel music

NEXT weekend, I am going to join my high school classmates at a reunion in the Eastern Highlands. Close to three decades have passed since we last sat together in a classroom or shared dormitories at the great institution Tsambe, Santa or St Augustine’s Mission, Penhalonga. Devotion column: Erasmus Makarimayi …

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Meet Zim’s own Samson

Rumbidzai Ngwenya Features Writer Imagine a man so powerful he can pull a 6,5-tonne haulage truck with his mouth or shoulders? A man who carries enough strength to replace oxen and pulls a plough with his bare hands until the whole field is cultivated. As if the above traits are …

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Lessons from Kenya (Part 2)

WE carry on looking at the similarities between Kenyan and Zimbabwean electoral politics. As noted, there are striking similarities in the politics and election systems between the two countries. Guest column: MIRIAM T MAJOME The recent developments in Zimbabwe after the much contested and disputed July 30 harmonised elections have …

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Zim elections: Recognition and God’s Case, No Appeal

RECOGNITION of the result of Zimbabwe’s 2018 harmonised elections was always going to be a matter of basic international relations. One would be forgiven for arguing about which countries recognise their legitimacy in return for either similar recognition or validation of amicable or hostile relations. Opinion: TAKURA ZHANGAZHA The presidential …

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