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an unharvestable youth dividend

The Southernmost tip of Africa is at Cape Agulhas in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It is here where the world’s third-largest ocean, the Indian Ocean, meets its second-largest peer, the Atlantic Ocean. But last week, it was all about the meeting of two of arguably the world’s …

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Currency is not our problem

Adopting the South African rand does not bring the advantages some people are talking about. The argument that the rand will bring competitiveness is baseless as long as we don’t address the micro-economics of competitiveness like raising productivity, reducing the cost of utilities like electricity, fuel, water and information communication …

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Joice: We hope this is a case of ignorance

THANKS to Joice Mujuru, I now know that the Holy Book actually refers to women as the “weaker vessel” or “weaker partner.” To be honest, all the years ndichishumira I didn’t know. It took Joice for me to know and I am very grateful to her. Hold on, hold on …

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The case for the SA rand

Mr Brains Muchemwa wrote an article in The Sunday Mail of April 9, 2017 entitled “Rand adoption illogical”. He is patently wrong. No! Competitiveness is not currency neutral as he supposes. Competitiveness, in addition to structural and macro-wide issues, also responds to the real exchange rate — itself a function …

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A commitment to economic turnaround

It gives me great pleasure to address you on this auspicious occasion of the 11th International Business Conference being held on the sidelines of the 58th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. Our nation takes pride in this premier business conference that creates a business networking environment and provides …

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