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Is feminism really a biased and phony movement?

Author: Allen Matsika Allen Matsika Correspondent KELLYANNE CONWAY became the first woman to lead a successful presidential campaign. She not only led a successful one but one that became the biggest upset in history. And now she will be serving as counsellor to the president. And yet, one does not hear …

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Avoid holiday boredom with co-curriculum activities

Children go through art classes Julia Mugadzaweta Features writer The closing of schools for the holidays means that children have a lot of free time on their hands. There are no studies to worry about, no daily homework and no set routine for the day. While this new freedom might be …

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The right to administrative justice

Sharon Hofisi Legal Matters Justiciability is a term that is frequently applied to discourses that relate to constitutional rights. Zimbabwe’s Constitution, which was adopted in 2013, hereinafter referred to as the Constitution, contains a progressive and justiciable Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights can also be referred to as the …

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Child poverty in Zim – Understanding the facts

Rumbidza Tizora Our Children, Our Future “Our failure to protect children is one of the most costly mistakes that society can make.” This was the concluding statement from last week’s article on child poverty, and it is very true! Why? Because child poverty is both a global and national challenge denying …

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Growth points fail to hit the mark

Sadza Growth Point in Chivhu District Talent Gore Features Writer Growth points were introduced in an attempt to arrest the age-old dilemma of rural to urban migration affecting developing countries. However, more than three decades after their introduction in Zimbabwe they have not reduced rapid urbanisation. In fact, the settlements have struggled …

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