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Creating an identity within globalisation

Would a single citizen existing in isolation need to have an ID card? Perhaps an identity for oneself is only as relevant as one exists amongst others. Consider how we define ourselves as citizens; it is a derivative of father, mother and village of origin. Identity as a unique individual …

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President’s age can’t be a manifesto or an ideology

TODAY’S sermon comes from Leviticus 19 vs 32 and Isiah 46 vs 4. This sermon was inspired by comments that followed the statement by Presidential spokesman Mr George Charamba who last week took time to explain the President’s medical trips to Singapore. A lot of hogwash was said, ndikati bodo …

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The Nehanda-Chidyausiku connection

My brother, Chief Justice Godfrey Guwa Chidyausiku, was born in a family of eight which lived in Domboshava, Goromonzi. Our father was the son of Shambare, a Chief in Chishawasha. Our mother was Chief Chiweshe’s daughter. Furthermore, from the maternal side, our great-great grandmother was homwe yaMbuya Nehanda, VaJamwe. VaJamwe …

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: The numbers don’t lie

People have what some would call a strange approach to statistics. Where they do not like the figures, they discard the science — regardless of how unscientific the disputation itself is. But it is not strange at all. It is merely a reflection of statistics denial fed by wilful statistical …

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More brain less brawn, please!

OBVIOUSLY incensed by the stubbornness and indiscipline of truant players in the market, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) – in typical spare the rod and spoil the child mood – is now seriously considering wielding the rattan cane. A fortnight night ago, the central bank’s directive for all foreign …

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