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#Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe legacy

Beverly L. Peters, American University Robert Mugabe spoke eloquently as Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Elect in March 1980. He offered a message of hope and unity to a population ravaged by years of war. He spoke of creating a government “capable of achieving peace and stability … and progress.” In the …

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The Monster Robert Mugabe Has Outwitted Them Again – Zimbabweans Have Stopped Protesting

OPINION Have frustrated Zimbabweans given up? Remember those heady scenes of revolt from July and August? Zimbabweans taking on their autocratic government? Elderly women wrapped in flags standing outside Harare magistrates’ court waiting for #ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire’s release? Now, despite repeated promises of “huge” demonstrations and the looming spectre …

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Imagine a Zimbabwe without Robert Mugabe

GO on, try it. Who’s in charge? How did they get there? Is it different? Is it better? John Lennon was wrong: it’s not easy, even if you try. NO one knows what a Zimbabwe without Robert Mugabe looks like, because there has never been a Zimbabwe without him. The …

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