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Nothing simple about Bekker’s teen life

Tinashe Kusema — “SO what did you do today?” For the ordinary man, the answer to this question is usually very simple. For kids it gets even simpler as their day usually revolves around three things: eating, playing and sleeping. Depending on the age, one can throw in school in-between …

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The Prophetic Theology of Damasane

PAUL Bayethe Damasane has been a man in the public domain for many decades. He has circulated as a school teacher, deliverer of pulsating public poetry, a Christian preacher and linguist of note. The arts in Zimbabwe cannot be discussed to exhaustion without the mention of Damasane. Damasane has also …

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Daily Old Testament questions & answers

Question: “The Prophets Spoke Only The Word Of God, and Not Their Opinions”. How Far does this explain Israel and Zimbabwean prophets? (25) COMMENT OVERVIEW THE above question requires one to show that indeed prophets of Israel were divinely inspired, same applies to Zimbabwean prophets. A number of so many …

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Bicycle-riding nun one of Zim’s unsung heroines

Miriam Mangwaya TO non-Catholics, she was popularly known as “the bicycle sister”. To Catholics, from the youngest to the oldest, she was Sista Kiri. To the people of the Govere area, Sister Christiana Mugocha was a celebrity, a nun who rode a bicycle, running errands for freedom fighters as they …

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