PDP Responds to MDC-T Crisis


People’s Democratic Party Management Committee Resolutions on the MDC Alliance, the Economy and Elections.

Yesterday, the People’s Democratic Party held its first Management Committee Meeting of 2018 , the meeting discussed various issues including the economic crisis, the state of the party and the MDC Alliance.

We noted with dismay the continued decline of the economy while those in power continue to pretend as if they have found a solution. It is becoming clear that five years of the same will not undo the problems created in 37 years.

The meeting recognised the urgent need to find solutions for the Zimbabwean people who are beaten by poverty, alienation and are now drowning in self-conflict.

We noted with concern the exhaustion gripping the nation and the fatigue on the population, sadly the authorities are failing to depart from exhausted nationalism.

Our society is breaking apart, Zimbabwe has no soul, the moral fabric of our society is deteriorating at the same rate the economic crisis is worsening.

Cases of divorce, domestic violence, rape and other social vices like drug abuse are on the rise.

All this is exacerbated by a ZANU-PF leadership which is pursuing a dangerous tribal game, running a Karanga hegemony which is a misguided reaction to Mugabe’s Stone Age pursuit of the ZEZURU unconquerable project.

This however exposes the ZANU-PF for who they are, they are not democrats.

It is therefore premature for the International Community to buy into the lies by Mnangagwa, his spinners and his henchmen that they are reforming.

Democracy is a belief, it cannot be cosmetic and pretense in this matter cannot be sustained, the balance sheet is already reflecting this fact.

We therefore insist that the only solution is to have a leadership with a mandate from the people, a leadership which will account to the people as opposed to the current status quo.

The Management Committee also noted the progress being done by the MDC Alliance and recommitted the party to the agreement.

We however discussed the contradictions being presented in the media particularly on the issue of the Alliance Leadership.

The Management made the following resolutions in respect of the issues discussed.

1. The People’s Democratic Party was part of the decision to appoint Morgan Tsvangirai as a leader of the MDC Alliance a decision which we have no regrets making and we support him in these trying times.

2. We categorically state that we support his decision to appoint Adv Nelson Chamisa to represent him as the Acting Leader of the Alliance even if it means acting up to the time of the nomination court and beyond unless advised otherwise by Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

3. We also resolved to accelerate the work of the MDC Alliance policy committee on finalising blue prints with a detailed alternative to the current fudging arresting the state.

4. The Party also resolved to make it known that externals have no right to impose leaders for the people of Zimbabwe, the electorate will exercise their right to choose their leaders based on the ideas placed on the table.

5. A free and fair election is non-negotiable. The must be a clean BVR audited and signed on to by all political stakeholders, election monitors including international observers must be allowed unfettered access, a military statement guaranteeing that they will salute whoever wins the election, printing of ballot papers must be done transparently with stakeholders having access to observe the process, the electoral body must be independent, intimidation must end and equal access to the media must be guaranteed.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible

Settlement Chikwinya

People’s Democratic Party Secretary General

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