People speak against ‘fake’ abductions

Victor Maphosa Herald Correspondent
ZIMBABWEANS have been subjected to “news” of alleged series of abductions of individuals from civil society and those from opposition political parties.

Those in arts and entertainment have not been spared, with artiste-cum-comedienne Samantha Kureya, also known as Gonyeti, who works for Bustop TV, being a victim of the alleged abductions.

The alleged abductions have been described by citizens as a new method created to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe and slow the re-engagement exercise embarked on by the New Dispensation. These “abductions”, which have been widely reported on social media, have gained interest from the public, some diplomats and also that of the National Peace Trust.

Recently, former Co-Minister of State for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration during the inclusive Government and founding member of the MDC Mrs Sekai Holland has said some reports of abduction of opposition and civil society members by alleged State security agents were false.

In an article carried by this publication, Mrs Holland, who is National Peace Trust (NPT) board of trustees chairperson, said it was critical for diplomats in the country to first verify abduction claims before circulating messages on social media. “The National Peace Trust notes with concern statements coming from some quarters of the diplomatic community, civil society and political players on the situation in Zimbabwe,” said Mrs Holland in a statement.

Responding to the publication, irate citizens blasted the opposition and some Western countries for pushing their regime change agendas through soiling Zimbabwe’s image by faking abductions among other evil machinations.

One Takunda Nigel took to Twitter, where he concurred with Mrs Holland. He added that some elements bound for regime change were stage-managing the abductions.

“She (Mrs Holland) is right, opposition and white opportunists are bent on regime change. Even Itai Dzamara could be held by white rogues. There is much that points in that direction. Nicholas should be thrown out of Zimbabwe.”

Another Twitter user Farai Nadzo weighed in saying there were some elements who were seeking Western attention by painting a negative picture about Zimbabwe. “Most of these abductions are stage-managed in order to attract the West’s attention with the intention of painting a bad picture about our beautiful country. You really ask why some Zimbabweans are stooping so low in advancing the West’s interests at the expense of their own country?

“Investigations should be carried out and I am sure that these puppets will be exposed for what they are. They are faking these abductions and the rate at which these have happened does not need a genius to see that these are stage-managed. For example, that Gonyeti story leaves some sour taste in one’s mouth.”

Another Twitter user, Truthhurts said: “In Zimbabwe, the US are certainly behaving true to type (being bloody interfering sons of so and so), and as usual, their chihuahuas are doing most of the barking for them! We no longer need to be told by anyone how evil and racist they are! We know that they are racist nations who, against all that they say, are certainly the polar opposite of good, but are vampires. However, try as they are doing, they will find us unflinching and resolute in our determination to safeguard our Independence! One day they will stop after another global super power that is friendly to us emerges”

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