Phoney Chamisa Must Grasp Basics

By Prosperity Mzila
Nelson Chamisa might look young and energetic, but he lacks the intelligence in contemporary politics.

He is still stuck in the Stone Age where he thinks people are gullible and can be sold anything.

His recent visit to Harare Central Hospital’s maternity section was an indication that he lacks tact and has no clue on how to approach voters. Mere visits to hospitals, fake promises and lies will not win him any votes; it is the same barren script pursued by his predecessor Morgan Tsvangirai.

Lack of originality is what’s moving Chamisa to toe Tsvangirai’s line. Some opinion leaders in the community have expressed their dismay at the line that Chamisa has chosen to toe.

“Does this young man think we have forgotten all the false promises and lies that we were fed by his departed boss, if he thinks he deserves our vote, then he should change his approach,” said one political analyst who chose to remain anonymous.

Chamisa should understand that promises are like crying babies in the theatre, they should be carried out at once. If he feels he can make the situation better than it already is at the moment that should be a welcome move to prove to the people that he can do it.

Modern day rhetoric calls for action to support one’s utterances, not Chamisa’s stone-age promises that never come to fruition.

Since Chamisa’s maiden appearance as the head of the MDC-T, he has exhibited lack of wisdom and traits of ignorance about the constituency he wishes to lure. He believes that lies will put him over and win him the election.

It shows that Morgan had not groomed any of his deputies to take over in his absence, as such the young man is in the political wilderness, not sure of the modus operandi to use.

Someone should tell the young man that he should be careful because most of the times, promises based on ignorance always come to haunt one in the future.

One would think that Chamisa’s lies about the President of the United States, Donald Trump allegedly promising Zimbabwe US$15 billion if the MDC Alliance wins the forthcoming elections, would have taught him a lesson when he was asked to withdraw his statement.

But no, he seems to take pleasure in ushering these false promises, he should know that broken vows are like broken mirrors, they leave those who held to them bleeding and starring at fractured images of themselves and for that, Chamisa is de-campaigning himself big time.

When Zanu-PF wins the forthcoming elections, Chamisa should be reminded that he rigged himself by thinking people are gullible.

It is also apparent that his lack of originality has not only made him resort to recycle stone-age campaign tactics that don’t apply anymore, but has also turned him into a copy-cat.

We all know who was doing hospital visits lately, it has been the First Lady, Auxilia Mnangagwa and she made efforts to improve the services she found lacking during her hospital visits. She lobbied for the mobile cancer screening van which has been across the country even as far as the peripherals offering free cancer screening to women and girls.

What change has Chamisa proffered to Harare Hospital or even to that child that he pretentiously held lovingly?

The formation of a GNU gave MDC-T the responsibility to run the Ministry of Health and Child Care to prove itself worthy by improving on the conditions and services.

They failed to improve anything, instead they left the healthcare ministry in a worse state than it was. MDC-T should know that it is not fair to ask others to do what they are not willing to do themselves.

As if this was not enough to prove their fake and failed policies, now Chamisa is at it again promising bullet trains in an economy that needs its health sector revamped.

Bullet trains are a luxury that Zimbabwe doesn’t need at this moment, however, the call by President Mnangagwa that Zimbabwe is open for business is what this country needs and the ripple effects of foreign direct investment will lead to an improvement in other sectors such as the health sector.

Chamisa should understand that it is often easier to fight for your principles than to live by them, stop pointing fingers and deliver.

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