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PHOTOS: SCARED President Mugabe IGNORED Uhuru in Tanzania after calling Kenyans THIEVES

President Robert Mugabe who is ever sleepy in most public events stayed alert almost throughout the swearing in of Tanzania’s newly elected president John Pombe Magufuli. There were jokes that Mugabe had to be alert since there were Kenyans around him (hilarious)- see photos. The aged Mugabe maintained a stone face even as our youthful president approached him.

We can forgive Mugabe for calling Kenyans thieves, he is aged and may be confused, but again- how do we reconcile his utterances with the EuroBond saga, Mass Looting in NYS, special condoms and sex toys in Devolution ministry? The alleged massive corruption in all arms of government as confirmed by Waiguru and Duale give some credibility to Mugabe’s observation BUT perhaps he should have said ‘SOME KENYANS’ and not all.

Meanwhile President Uhuru arrived late for the swearing in ceremony and missed the crowing moment of the day. In the VIP dais our Uhuru was packaged in the 2nd row behind President Mugabe who was positioned in the front row seat (Super VIP) next to outgoing president Kikwete and next to Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame of Rwanda.

Uhuru was grouped together with the fresh dictator in the region, his buddy Paul Nkuruzunzia of Burundi (he likes comparing Kenya to that country the size of the former Western Province (Kakamega +Busia counties) and DRC’s President Kabila.

It is obvious things are not so smooth between Nairobi and Dar el Salam, the new Tanzania president H.E John Pombe Magufuli is a commoner – a son of a peasant farmer equivalent of Mau Mau and is largely a poor fellow even after serving in the lucrative Roads Ministry. He signed Standard Gauge Railway line that costs 90% cheaper than Kenya’s SGR.

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