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Pictures: President Mugabe’s sweating causes concern

The below picture of President Mugabe frantically sweating whilst giving a speech at the 6th ZANU-PF congress has created concern among Zimbabweans. 

Addressing the congress, President Mugabe accused Mujuru of plotting to kill him in a bid to take over the presidency.

“Wanting a post should not lead someone into plotting to kill,” he said, adding that Mujuru had absented herself from the congress in the typical fashion of a thief.”

Turning to the election of Mujuru as the party’s vice president in 2004, President Mugabe said: “I do not want to blame the Women(‘s league) for giving us the VP, you thought you were giving us a good person.”

“We do not choose you to be thieves but to end it (theft) in your areas. You should never send a thief to catch a thief. If we are sent to catch thieves and we become thieves, who will catch the thieves”

From this: 


To this:

Photo Credit: Zimbabwe Today photojournalist Billy Desmond

A Mujuru ally and Cabinet Minister  who spoke to our Harare correspondent on condition of anonymity said, “A paranoid Mugabe thinks those who differs with what he believe in are enemies of the state and first family. Mugabe, the vice President had no intentions to kill you and neither is she a thief. She may have been corrupt and so you are and your wife Grace. All the people who are gathered at your congress are there because they want food on their table to feed their families only. . .”

One Tonde commented, ” He is sweating because he knows that everything he has said is bullshit,, same way people get caught when they lie with a lie detector test , it triggers hormones and pulses.” 

Another observer added, “He has never been openly questioned about his actions as he has been by Mujuru and company, he has never been snubbed and he is worried even though he has mastered the art of keeping his feelings inside, he has become too old to execute that trick. It won’t be surprising if suddenly they fly him off to Malaysia for treatment leaving Joice Mujuru as acting president. He has lost his strength and even though he has the gift of a strong voice, its easy to see that he is physically too weak to handle a lot of arguments and fighting. Its dignified that Mujuru has chosen not to have an open confrontation with Mugabe as it is not worth it.” 

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