Plan to assassinate Tsvangirai and Mnangagwa

There is a plot to assassinate MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, an emotional community hypothesis has claimed.

As Zimbabweans reflected on the near death accident of Minister Mnangagwa in Harare Wednesday night , many likely influenced by state media speculation, rushed to link the circumstances to those of Tsvangirai’s when his wife was slain when a USAID truck hit their car while travelling to Tsvangirai’s home town in March 2009 .


Mnangagwa was crushed into by a donated EU truck belonging to the Parirenyatwa Group of hospitals last night.

“This accident had all the hallmarks of the same accident which killed Tsvangirai’s wife,” wrote one Zimbabwean.

They continued, “The van was donated by the EU, the lorry which killed Tsvangirai’s wife was donated by USAID. In both cases the passenger side was targeted. Luckily Ngwena was driving, ” they said.



ZANU PF deputy chairman for Midlands, Larry Mavima’s assessment of Mnangagwa’s accident has added fire to the speculation of a deep conspiracy.”He was alone. His security aides had been dispatched home. He was driving home,” Mavima said.

He continued, “The minister was driving home going east using the normal speed, normal traffic hours and out of the blue, a kombi belonging to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals which was driving in the opposite direction all of a sudden made a right turn into the minister’s car.

“There is no other road that he could have been turning into so we are a bit concerned by that kind of behaviour.

“Whether it was intentional or whether he was drunk l am sure the police will have to find out what was the reason for him to make such a sudden turn and at such high speed, extremely high speed, targeting the minister’s car.”

It is suggested that because all the trucks that hit into the two senior politicians’ cars are donated vehicles, there is a serious correlation of events which linkage serves to justify an ideology which claims that the Western countries do not mean good to the welfare of Zimbabweans. Could the Western countries be trying to kill Mnangagwa and for what purpose? Could they also be trying to kill Morgan Tsvangirai and if so, for what purpose and to what ends?


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