Planned ZCTU protests expose MDC alliance

Caitlin Kamba Correspondent
For the past couple of days, Zimbabweans have been drawn into a sinister panic mode whose footprints are alien to those of genuine market strife and economic strains.

The basic function of fuel as a cost driver has been overtaken by social media as gullible consumers scramble for basic commodities.

It is under these circumstances that the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is urging Zimbabweans to go onto the streets to protest the situation without engaging in any dialogue whatsoever with authorities.

However, the union’s behaviour makes sense if one thinks about it in terms of its goals, needs and motives.

A brief glance into history shows that MDC was hewn from the ZCTU and the union has been pushing that party’s agendas.

It has been rallying workers to the MDC, no wonder it is dubbed the labour movement.

Under these circumstances, it is clear that MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has indeed mastered the art of demagoguery, but forgot to take notes on how to camouflage it.

On April 10, 2018, Chamisa met ZCTU secretary-general Japhet Moyo, whom he promised a position in the MDC-Alliance structures should he win the July 2018 30 harmonised elections.

Chamisa has also been harping on the mantra that elections can be rigged but not the economy, knowing fully well that if politics fail they will try the courts and eventually assassinate the economy.

With no ballistic rise in fuel prices to imagine why and who is commanding the economic chaos characterised by exaggerated trading rates between the Bond notes and other currencies only leads to a logical conclusion that economic sabotage is at play.

Economic hitmen and political demagogues are certainly on the loose to stir despondency and derive political dividend by whipping up emotions of the unsuspecting citizens.

Fortunately, from what is obtaining, the hitmen have nothing more than the social media in their bid to throw Zimbabwe into an economic and political abyss as they attempt to force their way into Government.

The MDC-Alliance lost the backing of many funders as evidenced by its poor oiling in the run-up to the 30 July harmonised elections.

Ahead of the polls, if one remembers very well, an attempt was made to portray Ecocash transactions as no longer acceptable.

The idea did not yield much as the crisis only lasted for three or less days.

Ultimately, all the artificial crises are designed to create the necessary conditions for a Government of National Unity (GNU).

Without any form of crisis, there would be no basis for lobbying for a political arrangement similar to that of 2009.

Whatever Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans are going through are man-made problems.

May God save our nation from politicians toying with the economy to satisfy their personal ambitions.

Source :

The Herald

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