Politiburo meeting to fire Mujuru set

Vice President, Joice Mujuru, is now just staying in office for the purpose of cosmetic peace and unity in Zanu PF, before the party’s crucial elective congress in December, amid disclosures that President Robert Mugabe has been forced to fire her by hardline military generals, who also happen to sympathise with justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe Today, has gathered.

The military chiefs prefer Mujuru to be going about her duties in the party and government, at least for another month, before rendering her jobless, by ensuring that Mnangagwa is voted to replace her, with Mugabe expected to formally depose his deputy, in a cabinet reshuffle, that will welcome Zimbabwe’s two new vice presidents, an intelligence report said to have been presented to Mugabe in August shows.

This week we  reported about the inside story of Mujuru’s downfall, as having been a result of her alleged links with a United Nations agency and the administrations of current U.S President Barack Obama, and his predecessor George Bush, in a reported bid to unseat Mugabe with Washington’s backing. Our report has proved true, as government papers in Harare are now reporting that Mugabe and Mujuru’s fallout, is due to the latter’s closeness to America.

Mujuru has denied having a sinister agenda, to topple Mugabe, in the public media.

Ironically, Mujuru’s political woes began in August, when the first lady, Grace Mugabe, took to the campaign trail, launching her political career, as the Women’s league leader-elect. Grace had no kind words for Mujuru, throughout her “Meet the People Rallies” across the country’s 10 provinces, after accusing her of graft and wanting to return the country back into the hands of the West, thus calling for her resignation.

“She (Mujuru) has compromised ethos of the liberation struggle, and cannot be trusted with national leadership,”reads part of a synopsis to the report shown to our Harare correspondent.

The report is said to have angered Mugabe, and the threat of “recolonization by the west” under Mujuru, is a point which hardliners in the army have hammered on, insisting that she must be dismissed from the presidium.

Some issues contained herein in brief include:

  • The land reform exercise faced the risk of reversal, under her soft leadership style.


  • Perceived close political relationship, with former prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai.


  • Homely contact with American and British diplomats in Harare for a decade.


  • Edgar Tekere’s biography, which was allegedly sponsored by the Mujuru’s to discredit Mugabe’s liberation war credentials.


  • Business dealings with some European Union (EU) nations, with hostile foreign policies against Zimbabwe.

Mujuru’s close links with Washington were revealed in the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks cables, which expose a clandestine meeting, she held with former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray “under cover of darkness” on December 6 2009, after disguising herself to beat her own security details from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

Senior Zanu PF officials yesterday said, they knew Mugabe was playing a cunning game, by pretending to be neutral in his wife and VP Mujuru’s political fued, as he is the one approving Grace to make the attacks.

“It’s game over for Amai Mujuru, and she won’t survive for long,”said one of the officials who is fancying her chances of landing a cabinet post soon. “The poor VP, was given a kiss of death a few weeks ago, when Mugabe allowed her to chair a politburo meeting that never was, because a power outage disrupted the session. This is politics, imimi majournalists munombopengeswa (get carried away) nesensationalism time time. Iwe ungaita-support your subordinate ahead of your wife with whom you sleep with everyday?”


Although not all security officials are united in the call of firing Mujuru, it has emerged that, the most powerful player among them, who is sometimes nick-named Zim-2 has told Mugabe, that Mujuru must go and that Mnangagwa is the most able person for that office, which he was denied 10 years ago owing to Mujuru’s late husband’s influence.

Mnangagwa last week in Kwekwe exposed himself, as the think-tank behind Grace Mugabe’s sudden political stardom at a function organised by his wife, Auxillia.

“Women saw what was happening in the party and they approached someone with a punch, who has the ability to crush so that she can lead them, this is Dr Grace Mugabe,” Mnangagwa said.

This publication has revealed with good authority, that the party and any prospective government careers of Mujuru’s reported inner circle, which includes: Presidential affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa; Zanu PF spokesman, Rugare Gumbo; Party national commissar, Webster Shamu; outspoken Mashonaland West provincial chairman, Temba Mliswa; Guruve North legislator and VP Mujuru’s business associate, David Butau among others were and are still being targeted for demotion and expulsion from the party, by Mnangagwa’s backers, who want to regain full control of Zanu PF.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF’s senior decision making body, the Politburo, which on Thursday expelled several of its most loyal members, is preparing for another meeting for next week, senior sources have said.

The booted members were all aligned to Vice President Joice Mujuru and deemed to have insulted First Lady Grace Mugabe who has told Mujuru to resign “or else”.

A senior Politburo source told Zimbabwe Today the body is set to meet next week (possibly mid week) to discuss what he said were “further issues”.

If the meeting goes ahead, it is likely to deal with Joice Mujuru a few days in timing with the upcoming historic congress said to be a turning point for Emmerson Mnangagwa to fall into line for succession.

“There will be another politburo meeting next week. I can’t tell you when exactly at the moment, but you should know by Monday,” they said.

The party has been ripped apart by factionalism often times bloody, as some sided with Vice President Joice Mujuru and others on the other hand, Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa. However First Lady Grace Mugabe who is on Mnangagwa’s side, last month began nationwide campaign rallies in which she denounced Mujuru calling her to go beg for her husband’s forgiveness, or else face unspecified action. Until Thursday Mujuru was receiving the support of Party Spokesman Rugare Gumbo who has now however been suspended for five years for allegedly undermining the President by calling for an urgent discussion on Presidential succession.

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  1. This is Zim Politics at its worst. Propaganda in the 21st century. Can you imagine some quarters of the society still thinking the possibility of recolonizing Africa” this doesnt hold water. People at the top there need to be warned that, they are losing on the gains of the global wave of change that has caused us to be in a global village. Our politics are no longer the same as bush politics, its now 34 year after that war and you would think that some individuals would come to their senses and see that noone actually is interested in taking over this country. What an illusion while the masses are toiling it out everyday either in the streets or in the sun. What leadership when the citizens are suffering this way while our neighbours are sweeting it out at ease.

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