PPP promises 2,5m jobs by 2020

Tichaona Zindoga Political Editor
Timothy Chiguvare, leader of the People’s Progressive Party and one of the contestants in the forthcoming Presidential elections, says his party will create 2.5 million jobs in two years if elected. The Bulawayo-based businessman revealed this in an interview as he laid stake at the much-awaited election scheduled for July 30, predicting he would win the poll with a landslide.

His party, he said, was broad-based and was receiving an uptick of support just in time for election.
“People’s Progressive Party is a union of the youth, the unemployed and women and men of Zimbabwe. I believe that my presidency will touch many lives because women and youths need representation and we will make the difference,” he said.
“We launched the party on 26 December 2008 and we have had a lot of support from that time and I have no hesitation that as we speak our support is growing to the levels of the sands in Lake Kariba.

“The support that I’m talking about is from the youths, women, old people and people of all ages. Old people do not have their pensions and they are saying to us, ‘Help us’, and we believe we have the capacity to deliver.

“What makes me different from the other parties is that our vision for Zimbabwe is far much more than politics. We have seen leaders failing and we have moved in as a last resort to deal with lots of complex issues that we believe once we are in power there will no shortage of money in Zimbabwe; there will be no shortage of medication in hospitals and we will ensure that the international business community will be in Zimbabwe. We will put them under one roof so that we are able to manufacture motor vehicles here and export them.

“We are promising that between now and 2020 we will create not less than 2.5 million jobs,” he said.
He said his party was represented in every province and would field candidates in the harmonized elections.
The Progressive Party Party leader said he was aware of issues affecting the country.

“There are a number of issues that are facing the country. Our economy is in a crisis. Zimbabwe is desperate for leaders who will be able to deal with economic issues in a manner that has not been done before and ensure that there is money in the country; that there is employment; leaders who can bring investment and leaders who can create jobs and ensure that women and children do not go hungry. These are some of the thorny issues that need attention like yesterday.

“Zimbabwe is in desperate need of leaders who are prepared to work with the international community and who can internally work with all provinces in the country.”

Mr Chiguvare said he was open to alliances in the event that he won the elections.
“As a political party that is gearing itself to bring radical change to Zimbabwe, we believe in working together as Zimbabwean citizens. We are children of one mother. Zimbabwe is our mother. There is no way that we can discriminate those who have wisdom to bring change and play a pivotal role in changing our country.

“We will not have any hesitation to pick from other political parties those who have experience and can serve our people. Serving our people is one of the things that are lacking and people are complaining that they are waiting for leaders who can make a difference. When the time has come for us to make a decision to pick certain people from other political parties to work with us, as long as they are ready to work with us and serve the nation, we will not have any hesitation to pick them to work with us,” he said.

He predicted a landslide victory, lifted by growing support he claimed he was receiving from the electorate.

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