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President Mugabe Off to Singapore Again

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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe left Harare Monday supposedly for routine medical check-up, his second in the South East Asian city state this year.

The now 93-year-old veteran leader barely stopped in Harare before leaving again after returning from South Africa where he raised eyebrows by claiming that Zimbabwe was the second most highly developed country on the continent.

Asked whether his country as fragile state while attending the World Economic Forum for Africa in Durban, Mugabe rejected the suggestion, insisting that Zimbabwe was, after South Africa, the most developed country on the continent.

However, even second best appears not good enough for the Zimbabwean leader as he flew thousands of miles to Asia for a mere check-up.

According to the State media, Mugabe is expected back the weekend in time for the burial of the late former chief justice Godfrey Chidyausiku who was declared a national hero.

The Zanu PF leader flew to Singapore just after his February birthday celebrations for what officials again claimed to be a routine check-up.

He had also spent time in the Asian country during his December-January vacation.

Mugabe, reportedly poorly due to old age and related ailments, ignores opposition criticism from of his regular health tourism to Asia which his opponents costs the economically crippled millions of dollars.

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