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President Warns Looters

Individuals and companies who fail to return money and assets they externalised by March 16 will not only be named and shamed, but will also be referred to the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe, President Mnangagwa has said.

In a video clip on Twitter and Facebook, President Mnangagwa said even after the extension of the three-month moratorium — which ended on February 28 — by a further two weeks, many cases were still being processed on a case-by-case basis.

“I would like, however, to explain that we have identified over a thousand cases which require attention and we have so far processed a number of these cases, which has resulted in us receiving $250 million back into the country and so many cases, on a daily basis are being processed case-by-case,” he said.

“I have given the RBZ an extra 14 days to process most of the cases that are positive.

“However, to those who have not responded or ignored my call to return assets and funds of Zimbabwe, I say to them on the 19th of March, I will expose them by publishing their names, as well as informing the NPA to follow them up.

“I would like to warn those who have ignored our calls that they are going to face the full wrath of the laws of our country.”

Only 105 people from a reported 1 166 reported cases heeded Government’s call to return the funds and assets.

The two-week extension ends on March 16 with names of those who fail to take heed being published on March 19.

The bulk of the cases that have responded to the President’s call relate to non-remittance of export proceeds.

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