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Press Statement by the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association  Expelling Robert Mugabe as their leader

Press Conference by the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans  Association  on the State of the Nation and Party

as of the 8 of November, 2017

We, the veterans of Zimbabwe’s liberation war, which includes ZANLA and ZIPRA combatants, cadres, war collaborators (mujibha nachimbwido), war prisoners, detainees  and  restrictees:

Concerned about the current state of disintegration and disunity in our Revolutionary  Party ZANU (PF);

Concerned by the continued sacking, suspension and other  forms of victimization for no apparent reason of party cadres in the various provinces  and at the national  level;

Mindful of the appalling state of the economy and  the lack  of  any serious Government action to  address  the  current  economic  free fall;

Concerned by the levels of corruption and looting of national assets by the G40 Cabal including the  expropriation  of  state land by G40 land barons who then use the loot to fund their activities and to enrich themselves at the  expense  of  the  general public, and,

Appalled by the uncalled for and abrupt sacking of  Vice  President E.D. Munangagwa from his position as national Vice President, do hereby state as  follows:

  1. The Party and indeed the Nation is being traumatised by one person, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who is bent on maintaining his hold on power and  ensuring  that  he passes on this power to his wife in a dynastic fashion  and  in a way that is contrary to the principles that guided our liberation struggle;
  2. Contrary to the revolutionary principles,  loyalty  within ZANU (PF) is now being defined as being loyal only to Mugabe and his  family;
  3. Robert Gabriel Mugabe is reversing the gains of the revolution by his support for people like Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Ignatius Chombo who were opposed to the revolution;
  4. In defence of our revolution from the G40 cabal, ZANLA and ZIPRA cadres have amalgamated and regrouped in order to defend and uphold the principles by which the Patriotic Front (PF) was  formed;
  5. We state categorically that Robert Mugabe is deceitful, he was never revolutionary, instead, he is a poster boy for the British South African Company principles that he pretends to hate, he is its darling, hence his Knighting by the Queen and his support for the G40 cabal that is sponsored by the remnants of the British South African Company;
  6. As war veterans, we are clear that we are fighting Mugabe and his dynastic cabal that have captured  the  revolutionary party and in the process have led to an economic meltdown and the general  suffering  of  the people of Zimbabwe;
  7. We call upon all Zimbabweans to be vigilant, lest they  suffer several more decades of misrule and exploitation by the heartless dictatorial tendencies of the so called one centre of power  principle;
  8. In this fight against Robert Mugabe and his G40 Cabal, we as ZANLA and ZIPRA cadres, as was the case during the liberation struggle, are one with the struggling masses of Zimbabwe, we are the fish and the masses of our people are the water;
  9. As in the liberation struggle, we are invoking the same oneness that we had with our spirit mediums, our chiefs, labour movement, professional associations, the student movement, the    churches,    NGOs    and   the  struggling vendors   and   peasantry,    it   has   once   again   become necessary for us to state that we are our own   liberators;
  10. We have reached out to the millions of Zimbabweans  in  the Diaspora who were driven out by the dictatorial tendencies and mismanagement of the economy by  the G40 Cabal. In fact, we  now  have11  provinces  including our Diaspora
  11. We state our full commitment to our masses  and a return  to the principle of the minority being subordinate to the majority – the democratic will of our people should always prevail: – people should elect their own leaders, their will should be respected unlike a situation  where  elected people are replaced by those chosen by Grace;  decisions  of the provinces  must be respected  and
  12. We condemn in no uncertain terms, Grace Mugabe’s interference in cases that should be decided in the courts. The judicial processes should be   Corrupt people like Jonathan Mayo must face the music instead of being defended by Grace at a rally and outside the judicial process;
  13. We condemn the selective application of the law as in the case of Kasukuwere who was rejected by the Party’s 9 out of 10 provinces, but was protected by Robert and Grace Mugabe, whilst other cadres are expelled from the Party without any regard to due process;
  14. We call on the friendly international community to invest in this final phase of our revolution and the liberation of Zimbabwe from the tyranny of Robert Mugabe, his family and the G40 cabal;
  15. We extend our sincere gratitude to the numerous business partners at home and in the Diaspora who have offered us financial and material support in this struggle – Zimbabwe will soon be open for business and a business friendly environment  will be assured;
  16. As the veterans of our struggle and the vanguard of our revolution, the bedrock upon which this nation is built and the stockholders of this country, we would like to categorically state that we will continue to support the socio-economic cause of our society;
  17. We want to categorically state that the receptionist turned wife has no locus standi to make changes that negate the principles for which we fought;
  18. We call upon all comrades who were purportedly fired, suspended, expelled or otherwise marginalized to  rally  with us in fighting the Mugabe dynasty and map a way forward for our country and  economy;
  19. We cherish the peace and tranquillity that we enjoy in the country and we are worried that this sector might be the next target for destabilization and  victimization  of individuals  by the G40 Cabal;
  20. We are aware of the looting of state  and public funds that  is underway by the G40 Cabal, we are aware that the command agriculture programme  stands  as  the  next target for this looting  spree;

In conclusion, we are stating in no uncertain  terms,  that  we have completely disowned Mugabe. He is no longer one of us. With immediate effect, we are in complete defiance of his leadership of the Revolutionary ZANU (PF). We are reclaiming our party and its assets. He is free to  go  and  form  his  G40 Party with his receptionist wife and the G40 cabal. The Patriotic Front belongs to us, it is ours. If he wants, he can resuscitate FROLIZI since that was his original and real party. In the true spirit of Mgagao, we say it is time to throw  into  the  dust bin those who have betrayed the spirit of the  revolution.  As such,  we have expelled Robert Gabriel Mugabe from his  position  as the President and First Secretary of our  revolutionary  ZANU  (PF) with immediate effect. In the same manner, we have fired Grace    Mugabe,    Jonathan    Moyo,    Phelekhezela    Mpokho,

Saviour Kasukuwere, Ignatius Chombo and Patrick Zhuwawo from the same Revolutionary ZANU (PF) with immediate effect. A Revolutionary Council (Dare Rechimurenga Chechina/ lnkundla Yomuzabalazo Owesine) has been formed to guide the Revolutionary Party in the interim. Our provincial structures, that had been destabilized by the G40 Cabal remain in force and are operational from the cell to the presidium. This includes the purportedly expelled youth chairpersons. We have opened our doors to all progressive Zimbabweans and those who were constructively dismissed and, through frustration by the dictatorial leadership, had gone on to form or join other parties. From now on, we concentrate on rebuilding our party, crafting a programme for inclusive economic growth and general socio­ economic transformation. It is high time Zimbabwe recognized its full potential to the benefit of all its children.

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