Prophet Bushiri – The more wealth you have, the more holy you are and the less money you have, the less close to God you are.

Positive thoughts yields positive circumstances, and negative thoughts yields negative situations, Malawian preacher, enterprenuer and philanthropist Prophet Shephered Bushiri has been named by the popular Drum Magazine of South Africa as a top notch billionairer.

In an interview published in the Drum Magazine of October 13, 2016, arguably the most-talked-about man of the cloth at the moment, ‘Papa’ Bushiri underscores that financial blessing is a guaranteed result of faith in God.

The Drum reports that it met Bushiri alias “Major 1” for an exclusive interview at Waterfall estate in Midrand, north of Jo’burg and he pulled up in a stately Bentley, with a pair of high-end German sedans tagging alongside.

“There’s always a motorcade,” Drum quoted a Bushiri handler. “Prophet never travels alone.”

Shepherd Bushiri the leader and founder of the Enlightened Chritian Gathering (ECG) house in an estate off the R55 in Midrand, Johannesburg is ” very large and grand with trappings of state-of-the-art design and décor”, the Drum reported.

A press search reveals that he has a fleet of luxury cars and private jets, in addition to his mansion.

” What’s more, he’s a billionaire and basically a man who’s made good in life,” Drum reported.

The magazine asked him how he made his money.

“I’m not just a prophet,” he told them. “I’m also a human being who is a responsible person, married with kids. I am very business-minded.

“For example, the Bentley you saw earlier – I managed to buy it before I came to stay in South Africa. I bought houses in South Africa way before I opened the church less than two years ago in Pretoria.

“In short, I am a businessman. My wife, Mary, is a chartered accountant. She used to work for a big institution as a director of finance. I made her resign because of the business we do.

“I started out in business doing farming on a small scale,” he says. “It grew into a big scale operation, and from the profits we bought a small piece of land that had minerals. As it panned out, we sold that piece of land, but before we sold it, we did evaluation on the deposits there and they were worth quite a lot of money. We sold that land and, from the money we got, we’ve been investing in mining.”

Bushiri underscores during his ‘Diplomatic’ sermon in Pretoria this week that God rewards increasing levels of faith with greater amounts of wealth.

He prayed for one man and signed on a paper as a sign of sealing his miracle that he was going to be the second richest man in Africa as a result of many businesses, saying this would happen in seven months and commanded him to go and prosper.

 Before December 31st, you will being to see sings and wonder,” he prophecied.

He told the congregation: “God has various plans for His children. Among His plans , are plans to prosper you. God wants to give you a future. Do not exist without a future. Receive prosperity, receive a future in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.”

Accoridng to Bushiri., wealth and holiness are intrinsically and linearly connected: the more holy you are, the richer you will be.

Bushiri has an investment firm called Shephered Bushiri Investments and recently launched a Prophet Shephered Bushiri Network for mobile phones. He is expected to launch a Bushiri University. Among his investments, include hotels, mining, forex business and real estates.

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