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Provincial Magazine On the Cards – Govt

Government has partnered with private sector stakeholders to come up with a magazine that is expected to sell Manicaland as a tourist destination and lure more investment into the province. The project, which is being spearheaded by Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, will be launched next month.

Speaking at a Manicaland branding workshop held in Mutare yesterday, Minister Mutsvangwa said the magazine: “Invest in Manicaland”, was the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and would create awareness on the resources available in the province.

“We need to sell Manicaland, so we have put up a team which is working on the magazine that will help us do just that,” she said. “We need Manicaland to be ahead of everyone else. Manicaland has great potential, let us utilise it.

“It has resources, let us use them. Create awareness to local and foreign investors of the opportunity that lie in Manicaland and lure investment into key sectors like value addition.”

Minister Mutsvangwa said the magazines would be distributed in hotels, banks, airlines, airports and in embassies across the globe. Economist and branding expert Mr Vincent Musewe, who is part of the team spearheading the project, said 5 000 copies of the magazine would be printed initially, but the number would grow over time.

“The whole idea is that if you are an investor and you read that magazine, you must be excited and want to come to Zimbabwe and see what it has to offer. So, the first thing we should do is to package the province,” he said. “

Mr Musewe said there was need to organise stakeholders in the province in anticipation of the resultant inflow of investment.

“There are people in the province who are keen to make things happen, but they are not talking to each other,” he said. “So, we are looking at ways we can organise ourselves in groups so that we can partner with investors that will come.”

Mr Musewe highlighted the need to ensure that more tourists visited Manicaland, as they were the major drivers of investment.

“40 percent of direct investment comes from tourists. In other words, people who visit the country and have a good time are the ones that will come back to invest. So, we need to ensure that when these investors get here, there must be information that charts what is happening in the city,” he said.

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